What is a Catch Basin Drain? Uses and Purposes

Water management is essential inside and outside. Without proper management, water can wreak havoc on a property and cause costly damage to everything in its path. This is why drainage systems, like catch basins, are vital despite being underappreciated and relatively ignored. 

Continue reading to learn more about catch basins, including what a catch basin is, the purpose of a catch basin, and its role in water management, and more.

What is a Catch Basin Drain?

When looking at a catch basin, it is essential to recognize that they are everywhere. In simplest terms, a catch basin is a form of drainage. While typically a landscaping drainage solution, catch basins can also work as an interior drainage solution for many situations.

What is a Catch Basin in Construction?


Catch basins are, by design, surface-level systems. Their construction includes a large box, called a basin, that is set into the ground at the lowest point and is connected to a pipe, which helps to divert the collected water away from the area. The top, exposed portion of a catch basin is protected with a grate.

While concrete is commonly used to construct catch basins, it is not the only potential material. Other options include plastic, metal, and stone. What you choose for the construction of your catch basin depends on the specific application and location. 

Concrete and metal, for example, are excellent options for situations where a catch basin needs to support heavy loads, while plastic can work well in yards or locations where heavy loads aren't a concern.

Other aspects of the construction that can vary depending on the needs and application include the size and capacity.

What is a Catch Basin Used For? 

Catch basins are for water management. Water enters the catch basin and filters through the grate, where solids settle to the bottom. Any contaminants float on top, which allows the uncontaminated water to drain out of the connected pipe. This water travels to a designated outlet like a sewer system. Public catch basins play a significant role in preventing flooding on roads.

In some cases, a strainer helps to catch debris and prevent it from entering the pipe, where it can potentially cause clogging. It also ensures that any solids not meant to enter the sewage system stay out. 

Catch basins also work in other applications, like around pools and inside buildings. In these situations, they will still catch water runoff and debris but can also catch fallen objects like keys and jewelry, to allow owners to retrieve them. 

What is a Catch Basin for Stormwater?


Many use the terms catch basin and storm drain interchangeably, as they both work to capture and divert water runoff from a given area. Despite the similar purposes, they differ in the types of runoff they handle. 

Catch basins, most associated with landscape drainage, catch rainfall and water runoff from lawn and garden care. They typically deal with smaller quantities of water and do not require heavy-duty construction. 

Storm drains are on the sides of roads and in other similar public spaces. Storm drain systems are tasked with capturing rainwater and preventing roads from flooding. They require a more heavy-duty design to protect them from the weight of cars and other vehicles.

The Slot Drain Catch Basin

There is no shortage of companies that offer catch basin systems. One notable offering is the Catch Basin from Slot Drain Systems, a company dedicated to drainage solutions for various applications.


A Brief Look at Slot Drain Systems

Slot Drain Systems makes drainage solutions for every application, from landscaping and residential use to commercial facilities and food processing plants. Their systems are based on a traditional trench drain design, but have a slimmer channel opening that eliminates the need for grate covers. While they offer different materials, their main offering is T304 and T316 stainless steel, which has many benefits, including extreme durability.

The Catch Basin

The Slot Drain catch basin is designed for use with their Slot Drain systems, specifically the 7,000 and 9,000 Series models. The catch basins feature a load-bearing, stainless steel design and come in four sizes: 6”x6", 6”x12", 12”x12", and 24”x24", all with about a 20" depth. 

Inside is a stainless steel strainer basket with 1/5-inch perforated holes, which allows water and small particles to pass through, but catches larger objects and debris like leaves, rocks, keys, and jewelry. It sits securely inside the catch basin and is protected by a 1/4-inch thick T304 stainless steel lid. For a sleeker option, they offer a pan lid, which you can cover with your chosen flooring material, but it is only available for their 7,000 Series model.

Need a Catch Basin Drain? Invest in the Best with Slot Drain

Catch basins are the perfect solution to drainage needs, especially when combined with another system. They help to prevent flooding and protect public and private property from the damaging effects of rainwater. They can also help ensure objects like keys and jewelry aren't lost forever by catching them before they can disappear through a drain. 

For a durable and reliable catch basin system, look to Slot Drain Systems. In conjunction with their Slot Drain systems, their catch basin provides a sleek and effective solution that eliminates flooding concerns.

Contact Slot Drain Systems today to learn more about the company, drainage solutions, and the benefits of adding a catch basin.