6 Key Components of Commercial Landscape Design

The goal of commercial landscape design is to make a commercial space more attractive and inviting to customers. It should draw people in and make them feel safe, comfortable, and content. 

A commercial landscaping design needs to be more than just attractive — functionality, including seating, must be considered heavily. 

Here are seven key components to keep in mind when working on a commercial landscape design.

1. Enhance the Building's Architecture

Whatever landscape design is chosen, it should accentuate and enhance the architecture of the building or the surrounding cityscape. Tall trees to match the entrance, colorful plants to bring out building details, or a captivating water feature are all ways to help enhance a building's architecture through landscape design.

2. Draw People In

One of the big goals of commercial landscaping is to attract clients and visitors. Your design should be bold but inviting, designed in a way that makes it tastefully stand out in the area. 

Colorful plants, shaded areas, and places to sit all help attract people who will enjoy and remember such a thoughtful design.

3. Make Your Business Message Clear

Where possible, the outward design of your business should reflect its message in some way, whether that’s inclusivity, beauty, harmony, or any sort of abstract idea that you want to convey. 

Consider what type of image you are trying to create: an entertaining space, a calm place of healing, something professional, or even something a little out there and edgy. Just as your home garden may reflect a bit of your own personality, your commercial landscape design can do the same for your business.

4.  Create Clear Pathways

While “pushing the envelope” with your commercial landscape design is a great way to showcase your originality, certain design principles must be observed in order to create a safe space for all patrons.

Clear pathways should be created in order to avoid obstacles as patrons enter your business. Accessible considerations should also be made so as not to exclude any particular group. Things should remain as level as possible, and any fixtures, especially drainage, should be ADA-compliant.

5. Conserve Water and Energy 

By choosing the right plants to have in and around your building, you can ensure your space has shade during the hotter months, while providing some protection from harsh winter winds and snow. This can all help to naturally cut down on energy costs.

Another consideration is a green roof, which is a layer of vegetation installed over a waterproof barrier on the roof of your business. These are especially effective in urban environments, where they can help to reduce water runoff and reduce energy costs by absorbing heat and providing natural insulation.

6. Install Proper Drainage 

Perhaps the most vital component to consider for your commercial landscape design is drainage. Proper drainage of the area around your business is crucial to pedestrian safety, as well as the longevity of your landscaping. Standing water can create slipping hazards, erode pathways, and simply create an unsightly mess. Effective drainage will help eliminate standing water, carrying it safely to nearby sewers.

Traditional trench drain systems were once the norm for commercial spaces, but their clunky grates and large footprint have been replaced with innovations like Slot Drain.

Slot Drain's 7000 Series system, for example, offers elegant and reliable drainage in a sleek, modern package that seamlessly blends in with any design. This linear system comes pre-sloped and pre-assembled, and trades the cumbersome grates for a slim slot opening as narrow as 0.5 inches. 

Slot Drain can be made from highly durable stainless steel, which is corrosion- and temperature-resistant, providing a low-maintenance commercial drainage solution. The system is also easy to clean, either manually, with a brush and paddle, or using our proprietary Flush-Flo accessory, which allows for a water line to be connected for manual or automatic flushing.

If You Build It... 

While an attractive architectural design can gain attention for your business, it is the commercial landscape design that can help to pique the initial interest of prospective customers. 

The use of plants, trees, various pavement designs, and even fountains, can all come together to create a welcoming space that draws visitors in and makes them want to stay. Keeping the above-mentioned criteria in mind during the design process will help you to create a stunning space that will keep customers coming back again and again.

Drainage questions?

Contact the experts at Slot Drain today for help with your landscape drainage design. We offer elegant, nearly invisible drainage solutions that can accent your space or blend in seamlessly.