7 Applications of Commercial Trench Drain Systems

A drainage system is something you can find everywhere, from residential properties to commercial facilities. They are essential to keep these spaces free from excess water, flooding, and other fluid spills that can cause damage or create hazardous situations.


While they all serve the same purpose, your chosen system depends on your application; a commercial setting will require a commercial trench drain kit, which is constructed for more heavy-duty usage. Here are some potential applications for these kits and options to consider.

Potential Applications for Commercial Trench Drain Systems

Whenever there is a need for water or liquid management in a commercial facility, whether it is rainwater runoff or spilled beer, a commercial trench drain is important to have in place. Any number of commercial facilities can benefit from the installation of a trench drain, including:



Runways are constantly exposed to the elements, so ensuring that airport runways are free from standing water is vital to the safety of airplanes and airport employees. They also provide a safe way to manage any potential gas or other dangerous spills that may occur. Trench drains in airport hangars would serve similar purposes.

Gas Stations


Fuel is a liquid that requires careful handling; you don't want spills to happen, and if they do, you want them gone quickly. A commercial trench drain kit will be better designed to help manage potential fuel and other liquid spills. Commercial-grade systems can withstand the corrosive nature of fuel and safely transport it to a designated area for further handling.

Parking Lots


With parking lots exposed to the elements, they can become damaged quickly, especially if there is no drainage system to manage water runoff. Left standing, the water runoff will create a dangerous, slick surface and slowly deteriorate the ground, leaving cracks and potholes and generally making the parking lot unsafe. 

Trench drains, especially commercial-grade drains, are designed to handle the large amounts of water that can accumulate in parking lots, and direct it to a designated outlet. This allows the ground to dry, and will help to minimize the risk of deterioration and other related hazards.



Stadiums are another location that can benefit from the addition of commercial trench drains. Like parking lots and airport runways, they are exposed to the elements, and standing water is detrimental. A stadium commercial trench drain isn't just good for managing rainwater and melting snow; it can also help manage water from other areas of the stadium: sprinklers, concession stands, restrooms, locker rooms, and much more.


Brewery Cellar

Breweries, by nature, can be considered wet places full of liquids, from water to finished brews. A commercial trench drain kit is essential to ensuring the brewery remains free from spills and meets government sanitation requirements. A Trench drain will catch any spilled liquid and divert it, help keep floors dry and minimize the risk of harmful bacteria.



No matter what they store, warehouses can benefit from a trench drain. A drainage system for warehouses that store liquids will help keep floors clear of spills. It will also make cleaning the warehouse easier, as workers can spray surfaces and move the excess liquid into the drainage system. 


Factories benefit from commercial trench drains in ways similar to warehouses. They are essential to factory construction, as they help maintain a clean and sanitary facility, especially in food and beverage facilities. Trench drains help minimize the facility's standing water, bacteria growth, contamination, and odors.

The FoodSafe Choice

FoodSafe Drains has a wide variety of drainage products that are NSF/ANSI/3-A certified, to help ensure a sanitary, bacteria-free construction. Their top two products are the FoodSafe Trench Drain and the FoodSafe Slot Drain. Other drainage products include area and hub drains, a floor sink, and a catch basin with a strainer basket. 

The traditional FoodSafe Trench Drain is a wider drainage system that handles heavier flow rates. There are three variations: the Flat Bottom, the Round Bottom, and the V-Bottom. These systems require a grate cover to prevent objects from clogging the channel. 


The FoodSafe Drains Slot Drain is a new take on the trench drain. Unlike their traditional counterparts, the Slot Drain has a slim channel opening and requires no commercial trench drain grates. The smaller size does not compromise functionality, with flow rates up to 27 GPM. Slot Drain comes with clean-in-place functionality, which makes maintaining the system more automated.

10000 Series Slot Drain-3

All of the drainage systems, excluding the Slot Drain, have magnetic, tamper-proof strainers only accessible by key, to help ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

Equipping Your Facility with the Right System

Commercial facilities require drainage like any other area. Unlike residential properties, commercial facilities have special considerations and need trench drains, commercial-grade strength, and capability. Slot Drain Systems has many options that are suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Contact Slot Drain Systems today to learn more about their options and which is the best solution for your needs.