17 Concrete Trench Drain Design Ideas


Floor drainage systems have a lot to offer and can significantly improve the functionality of any area where installed. Concrete trench drains are especially popular due to their durability and the fact that they are inset into the ground. The potential uses for precast concrete trench drain systems are virtually endless, with possible applications in almost every industry you may consider. Here are 17 different possible concrete trench drain design ideas to consider.

1. Residential Pools

concrete trench drain


Homeowners may consider installing concrete trench drain systems in the area around their pool. This kind of drainage system will make it so that water will not collect and pool on the ground surrounding the pool, and instead automatically be drained away, keeping the surface cleaner.

2. Airports and Aircraft Hangars

trench drain design idea

Airports are one of the heavy-duty industries which would benefit from concrete trench drain systems. Weather conditions like rain and snow can affect the functionality of airports, so it is essential that there is a system in place to drain the area. Additionally, such a system will allow for efficiently cleaning planes, without worrying about where all the water will go.

3. For Landscaping

concrete landscaping drain

Gardens are another area that can benefit from concrete trench drains. Whether it is a residential garden or one in a public park, a trench drain system will help ensure that the water used to water the plants has a way to drain away. A drainage system will also make it possible for rainwater to drain so that it does not end up flooding the gardens.

4. Community Pools

concrete slot drain

Indoor community pools are massive structures that use a lot of water. Precast concrete trench drain systems can help to ensure that any overflow from the pool drains quickly, rather than create hazardous puddles that can lead to injuries. These concrete trench drain systems will also make it easier to clean and disinfect the floors surrounding the pool at the end of the day, since the dirty water will automatically go towards the pre-sloped drain without any help.

5. Plazas and Public Parks


Plazas and public parks require drainage for all sorts of reasons. For one, they are open to the elements, so it is important that there are concrete trench drain systems in place to help prevent flooding from rain and snow. These places also tend to have big, beautiful fountains, and a drainage system will help to ensure that the water is not left to create a puddle around the fountain and can instead be cycled away.

6. Beverage Processing Plants


Regardless of what the beverage is, concrete trench drains are an essential part of any beverage facility. For one, they will help to ensure that any potential spills have somewhere to go, instead of just sitting in a puddle until someone cleans them. But, they also help create a more effective cleaning process, as workers can hose down the plant's floors with the proper cleaning agents, knowing the dirty water will automatically go towards the drain channel.

7. Brewery Fermentation Room

concrete slotted drain

Fermenting is an essential part of any brewery, and there are some things they are required to have, such as concrete trench floor drains. Not only will this system ensure any spilled product gets removed from the floor of the facility, but it will also make cleaning a smoother process.

8. Brewery Bottling Area


While this may be one of the final stages in the beer-making process, messes can still occur. Bottles can break and beer can spill, so a bottling area with a concrete trench drain design will ensure that any beer spills automatically drain away. Additionally, the trench drains will make cleaning after a day's work much easier, with gravity helping drain liquid away quickly.

9. Wine Cellars

trench drain design

Since wine cellars are subject to regulation, they need to have a proper drainage system in place. A drainage system will allow for any product waste to be disposed of quickly. This will ensure that this waste does not attract insects or begin to spoil, which can contaminate the rest of the wine in the cellar.

10. Food Processing Plants

facility drainage idea

Food processing plants are one industry where a drainage system is required by law, making something like a precast concrete trench drain system essential. A drainage system will make it possible for any food waste materials to quickly go to the sewage collection chamber, without workers having to stop and throw it away themselves constantly. It also will allow them to clean and decontaminate the facility more thoroughly, as all the waste will go directly down the drain.

11. Inside Farms and Barns


Any place where animals are present requires some special considerations. One of the requirements set forth by the USDA and FDA for these facilities is the presence of some form of drainage system like a concrete trench floor drain. The biggest requirement is being able to quickly clean up waste, which cannot be left sitting too long, as it can create unsanitary conditions that can lead to disease and infection in the animals and any food products that come from the facility.

12. Fire Stations


Fire stations are another civic industry that can benefit from concrete trench drain systems. In this case, fire stations rely on heavy-duty hoses that use a lot of water to clean their trucks and stations. A proper drainage system will allow the water to drain more quickly. These drainage systems are also made to handle heavy loads, so they will not break under the weight of a fire truck.

13. Driveways


Those living in residential areas can also consider adding a concrete trench drain design to their driveway. This will help direct rain and snow away from their home, which could otherwise lead to a damaged foundation. It would also make it easier to drain away the water used to clean their cars or water their lawn.

14. Car Dealerships


Car dealerships can also benefit from concrete trench floor drains. In this case, a drainage system will allow them to clean display cars right where they are parked, without having to worry about moving them out of the building. The drain will just collect all the water and send it to the sewage tank.

15. Co-Op Car Washes


Car washes are an industry that should never go without a concrete trench drain design. The nature of the job means that they are continually using water and cleaning solutions that should not be left to collect. A pre-sloped drainage system will make it so that as workers go about their day, the dirty water will automatically run towards the drainage system.

16. Manual Car Washes

trench drain concrete

Just like a co-op car wash, a manual car wash requires a high-quality concrete trench drainage system to drain out all the water used in cleaning cars. That way, the area will always be clean and ready for the next customer to wash their car. But, it also prevents mold from forming on the concrete floors, which can create a public health issue.

17. Bathrooms

concrete drain trench

Bathrooms are another area where precast concrete trench drain systems are a good idea. Borderless showers are one great example of the importance of a trench drain system in a bathroom as, without one, water will have nowhere to go and will just stay on the bathroom floor. This can lead to mold and mildew growth over time, which can cause issues if not taken care of quickly.

Concrete drain systems may not sound like a whole lot, but they are incredibly important. For one, they help to ensure there is no standing water left, which can lead to bacteria growth and contamination in some areas. Additionally, being able to drain water makes for a safer environment and lessens the risk of injury. These are just a few of the areas where a concrete trench drain is either necessary or useful, but the options are endless.