Say Yes to Custom Trench Drains

When water accumulates on hard ground and has nowhere to go, it can lead to many different issues. From ground erosion to bacteria growth, allowing water to sit is not acceptable. Because of that, you need a trench drain system, but the traditional trench drain system is big, bulky, and unattractive. Instead, consider utilizing custom drains that are sleeker, more attractive, and just as effective.

What is a Trench Drain? Why Are They Important?


A trench drain is a surface drainage structure that is designed to intercept and collect surface water from paved surfaces. Trench drains are incredibly common and can be found in many different places, both commercial and residential. They work to clear water quickly, leaving the surrounding surface dry and slip-free. Trench drains also help to ensure that water does not cause damage to the ground or any surrounding structures. In certain applications, a trench drain also helps to maintain a cleaner and more sanitary facility.

Where Trench Drains Are Needed

Places like airports, military buildings, transport terminals, loading docks, and boating ports all face exposure to water. These are also places where having dry surfaces is essential to safety for workers and vehicles, so having a trench drain ensures that no water collects. But, drainage is also necessary for other heavy-duty industries like refineries, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

1. Food and Beverage Industries

Hygiene is the most important factor in the food and beverage industry. Without solid health and safety measures, anything can happen. It is critical to have effective food-grade drainage systems in all types of food service, from manufacturing to preparation and even serving, in order to keep bacteria from growing in collected water/debris, and also to provide safe surfaces for people and equipment.


2. The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry includes parking garages, car washes, gas stations, dealerships, and car garages. Not only do these areas have to deal with water, but they also may have to deal with other car-related fluids like gas and oil. Leaving fluids to sit can be dangerous and lead to things ground erosion and even have the potential to catch on fire. You need to have a trench drain in place to keep these spaces clean and free from messes.

3. Animal Facilities

Animal facilities like farms, animal hospitals, and zoos create a lot of waste. That waste needs somewhere to go when workers are cleaning. Otherwise, it can begin to create bad smells and lead to bacteria growth. A trench drain gives it a place to go, maintaining a clean and sanitary area safe for people and animals.

Other Uses

You can also find trench drains in places like gyms, bathrooms, playgrounds, commercial kitchens, and around pools. Just like with many other industries, trench drains are necessary in order to create a safe environment where people will not slip over wet surfaces. They also ensure these places remain sanitary and prevent bacteria and mold from growing.

What They Look Like


The traditional trench drain is designed to be effective, but not attractive. They consist of a drain channel, made of anything from plastic to stainless steel, that is set into the ground slightly. The channel is then covered with a heavy, protective grate that is meant to keep larger objects from falling into the drain. These grates tend to be fragile even when made from more durable material and wear out and break easily over time. Due to the openings in the grate that let water pass through, it also makes them a potential slipping hazard. Because of that, you need to consider more effective (and attractive) custom drains.

Finding A More Attractive Option


When it comes to trench drain systems, you want to choose the most effective system possible. However, that doesn't mean it has to be an eyesore, especially in public places where it is constantly visible. Slot Drain is a wonderful option for custom trench drains.


Slot Drain is a modern, linear trench drain that arrives pre-sloped and pre-assembled. This design offers more effective drainage than your traditional trench drain system. It comes in a wide range of materials, with food-grade stainless steel as one of the most popular and durable options. Being food-grade stainless steel means that it is bacteria and corrosion-resistant, as well as resistant to extreme temperatures. It is also a stronger drain, which can take extreme loads all the way up to Load Class F, which can be used in places like airplane hangars.


Unlike traditional trench drains, Slot Drain features a sleek, modern design with a slim opening so there is no risk of things falling in. It doesn’t require a cumbersome grate which means there are fewer tripping hazards and no grate that can break or cause other issues. Slot Drain's design offers more odor-control and is more sanitary than other systems. What makes these custom trench drains stand out from the rest is that they are much easier to clean with self-flushing and clean-in-place options available.


Trench drains are an essential part of everyday life. They help to manage surface water, keeping surfaces dry, clean, and free from bacteria. But, the traditional systems are not pretty, especially for commercial or public areas. Consider selecting a custom system from Slot Drain, which can work for any application and provide a sleek, modern, and effective design.

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