What Every Dog Kennel Drainage System Needs

Dog Kennel Drainage System 1

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Regardless of the location, there is no denying the importance of a good, well-functioning drainage system. Animal hospitals and kennels are no different–in fact, proper drainage is even more critical in these locations. But, you can't choose just any drainage system for a dog kennel or animal hospital. Here are the reasons why dog kennel drainage is so important, what to look for, and the best system for the job.  

Why Drainage is Important

Like with any properly-managed facility, the most critical aspect of a dog kennel or animal hospital is cleanliness. Both dog kennels and animal hospitals tend to get dirty very quickly with all sorts of waste material, and a dog kennel drainage system helps manage this situation. Floor drains make it easier to clean floors of this type of waste, which also eliminates the risk of bacteria growth and contamination if utilized correctly. 

Furthermore, besides helping with the cleanliness of the facilities, dog kennel drainage systems keep odors at bay and create a safer, healthier environment. 

What to Look for In an Animal Hospital & Kennel Drainage System

Nonporous Drain Channel

A critical feature for dog kennel drainage systems (and all drainage systems) is for them to have a nonporous channel construction. Nonporous channel material such as stainless steel does not absorb odors or allow bacteria to cling to the surface, making them more sanitary and easier to maintain.

Stainless Steel Construction

Besides being nonporous, stainless steel dog kennel drainage has many other benefits. For one, it is corrosion-resistant material, that will withstand corrosive substances like urine and cleaning chemicals. It is also bacteria-resistant, so contaminated waste will not settle and cause contamination. Beyond that, it can withstand different temperatures, making it ideal for use as both indoor and outdoor dog kennel drainage systems.


Another vital feature to look for in an animal hospital or kennel drainage system is one that it is pre-sloped. A pre-sloped drainage system for dog kennel does not have a flat channel. This means fluids will not remain sitting, where buildup can begin growing bacteria and smelling badly. Instead, it will flow through the channel and into a collection chamber or other safely designated disposal area. 

Easy to Clean

Regardless of what a drainage system is utilized for, it should be easy to clean and maintain. This is especially true for a dog kennel drainage system, where messes are continually being made and cleaned up. But, with how busy dog kennels and animals hospitals can get, workers have more important things to worry about than spending excessive time cleaning the drainage system.

ADA Accessible 

People of all abilities regularly frequent both animal hospitals and dog kennels. There are even some animals who require specialized, modified wheelchairs to get around. This means that floors need to be smooth, without any raised parts or ridges so that wheels won't get stuck and no one trips or falls. To help, the kennel drainage system should be ADA compliant and set directly into the ground, without any raised parts. 

The Solution that Does it All

Dog Kennel Drainage System 2

These are some of the most important aspects to look for when it comes to dog kennel drainage systems. While it may seem like a lot to ask of a single system, there is one that can meet all of the requirements needed for an efficient, ADA-accessible dog kennel drainage system.

Slot Drain is an innovative form of pre-sloped trench drain that is available in many different materials, including high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. The stainless steel design, as shown above, means it is a non-porous, corrosion- and bacteria- resistant system, capable of handling both hot and cold temperatures with ease. 

Beyond that, the Slot Drain is easy to clean. So easy, in fact, that there is an option to install a self-cleaning function that will flush any residue waste from the system automatically. The only other cleaning that the dog kennel drainage would require is regularly passing a paddle and brush through it to ensure everything gets removed.

Slot Drain also makes for an ADA compliant drainage system for dog kennels. The system is perfectly inset into the flooring, without any edges that stick out. The design is also sleek and barely noticeable; it does not require a grate covering, which can break easily and cause countless safety hazards.

An animal hospital and dog kennel drainage system is essential in creating a clean and sanitary facility. This will ensure the facility is safe not just for the people working and visiting, but for the animals who are residing inside. But, choosing just any system is out of the question. You need to select a system that is durable, reliable and includes the important features mentioned above. The Slot Drain System is an excellent, reliable system that meets all these needs and more. For your animal hospital and kennel drainage system needs, look no further than Slot Drain.

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