What Are Heavy Duty Trench Drains and Why Do You Need One?


There are many different types of facilities, and each has its own unique needs and requirements. There are a few things all of these places have in common. For one, they usually require heavy-duty machines and vehicles that can weigh a hefty amount–up to 1.5 tons, depending on what it is. Because of this, it is essential to choose heavy duty trench drains for the facility which can handle the heavy loads continually being placed on them. Here is what you should know about heavy duty trench drains and what makes them the best options.


What Are Heavy Duty Trench Drains?


Heavy duty trench drains are like regular trench drains in their basic design. However, trench drains are made with heavy duty materials such as stainless steel, which gives them a lot of strength. This helps to ensure that they do not break, bow, or crack under the weight of heavy equipment.

These drains usually offer a Load Class of C or higher, with Load Class F being the most heavy duty trench drains available on the market, used in places like airports.


Considering Heavy Duty Trench Drain Systems

There are many different types and styles of heavy duty trench drains. Many come with various faults to be aware of. Grates, for example, can be incredibly expensive when looking at heavy duty options and over time would still need replacing as they begin to deteriorate.

Additionally, to clean a drainage system thoroughly, grates must be removed and cleaned separately. Due to the weight of a single grate, workers can easily become injured when attempting to move the grate.

That is why you should consider alternative heavy duty trench drain systems, like Slot Drain.

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What Makes Slot Drain Different


1. A Grateless System

Unlike other drainage systems, the Slot Drain design is incredibly thin and streamlined, so there is no need to have a grate covering to keep things from falling in or people from tripping over any opening. Being grate-less also means that there is one less step in the maintenance of a Slot Drain System–workers will only have to worry about cleaning the channel and nothing else.

So this makes Slot Drain easier to maintain, safer, and also cheaper since there will be no need to replace grate coverings or worry about any grates.

2. Stainless Steel Design

Heavy Duty Trench Drains 3

Another benefit to Slot Drain is that it is made using high-quality stainless steel, which is ideal for heavy duty trench drains. Stainless steel offers the most durability of all materials not only in terms of weight allowance but also overall durability.

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant , making it capable of withstanding the strong, caustic chemicals facilities may use to clean. It is also a non-porous, bacteria resistant material that is sanitary–Slot drain’s stainless steel is even food grade, making it FDA approved for use in food and beverage facilities.

3. Extremely Heavy Duty

Slot Drain is consistently one of the better heavy duty trench drains on the market. Aside from being made from durable stainless steel, a Slot Drain is also embedded into the concrete floor, with only the stainless steel angles exposed. It is this unique design and installation that makes it capable of handling beyond Load Class F weights.

This makes it more secure than other options, particularly since there is also no grate to concern yourself with.

4. Little Required Maintenance

Heavy Duty Trench Drains 4

The big drawback to traditional trench drain systems, in general, is that they require so much maintenance. Grates have to be removed and cleaned, the drain channel has to be cleaned, catch buckets emptied and cleaned, and so forth. It can be exhausting keeping up with it all.

Fortunately, the heavy duty trench drains offered by Slot Drain are virtually maintenance-free thanks to the addition of things like flush valves and self-cleaning features. All your workers will have to do is push a brush and paddle through to make sure everything has been cleaned.

5. Easy to Install

Finally, Slot Drain is also a much easier system to install, whether it is a retrofitting or within new construction. Due to the unique design, it comes pre-sloped and pre-assembled and can easily be installed by just a couple of workers without too much issue. This helps to save a great deal on labor costs, as you will need fewer workers and less time allotted for installation.

Heavy duty trench drains are vital for many facilities. These types of systems are made to take on the heavy weight of different machines and equipment without breaking or cracking under all the pressure. If a system is not capable of withstanding the harsh environment it is placed in, it can spell trouble for the facility and make for an unsafe workplace. Instead of having to go back to fix an unsafe drainage system, choose a heavy duty trench drain like Slot Drain, which can take the weight, and will never let you down.

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