Selecting a Heavy Load Trench Drain


Many facilities often have heavy vehicles to operate. In facilities with heavy equipment that can easily weigh up to 15,000 kg (1.5 tons or 33,000 lbs) safety and load sustainability should be the first consideration in building a drainage system.  The challenge is finding a suitable heavy load trench drain system that doesn't involve grates that can break down, and even cause injury.

Grates can break / deteriorate

The biggest problem with grated drains is that the grates can break under heavy traffic operation. If the grates break, it can cause serious injury and damage so it is a safety concern in these facilities for both the driver and the vehicle.

Normally, the grates in trench drain systems can only sustain heavy traffic load up to Load Class C. If higher traffic load class is required in a facility, such as fire stations, agricultural, vehicle showrooms, truck and semi truck garages/shops, heavy vehicle repair/wash/care centers, drainage systems should be capable to sustain traffic up to Load Class E.


Heavy Load Class Grating is expensive

Iron grates that can sustain heavy load class up to Class E are very expensive. Also, for cleaning purposes, grates need to be removed. It can be very time consuming and cause staff safety concerns. For a long run linear grated trench drain system, you have to consider the cost of the drain body itself and then add expense for the grates.


Slot Drain Solution - Without Grates

Slot Drain does not have any kind of grating. The only part exposed on the ground are stainless steel angles. It reduces the cost of grates and maintenance and it is the most durable drainage system in the market.

Slot Drain can sustain traffic beyond Load Class F.

Cleaning is very easy. You can use a cleaning paddle and move it along the linear drain body. The sediment and waste are moved to a catch basin, and all you need to do is to lift a strainer basket.

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Heavy Load Traffic Drainage System FAQs

 Where do I need to install drains in my facility?

Drainage systems are installed in showrooms and such facilities so that the vehicles and floor can be washed and cleaned. Also, it prevents waste water coming from outside (snow, rain or other kind of waste water) from gathering in the shop.

Why Use Slot Drain in your Facility?

Slot Drain is the most durable drainage system available. The only parts of the drain exposed are the surface angles, which are made of stainless steel. The rest of the drain is embedded into the concrete, so it can handle weight beyond Load Class F.

Due to Slot Drain’s precise slope, smooth interior and the addition of flush valves, it is virtually self-cleaning and maintenance free. This system eliminates grates that are difficult to remove, clean out, and difficult to replace.

  • Flow Rates can be up to 33 GPM per foot, which can absolutely suit your need.
  • No grating to work around / clean out
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy to Install, Minimizing Labor/Cost. Systems fit both new construction and retrofit.
  • Sanitary with minimum maintenance


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