Driveway Drainage Solutions: Best Way to Prevent Water Issues

Most people do not realize just how problematic rainwater can be until it is too late. Even on driveways, excessive amounts of water can cause serious issues that require costly repairs.

The best way to avoid any problems is to ensure that you have a proper driveway drainage system in place. With the right system, your driveway will not suffer damage and will dry much better after bad weather.

Why a Wet Driveway is an Issue

Concrete Erosion

Unlike dirt and grass, concrete, stone, and asphalt do not absorb water. So, when the water has no place to go, and the ground has no slope, it starts to collect in puddles. Standing water makes it more difficult for a surface to dry and, over time, can cause erosion, leading to cracks, potholes, and other potentially dangerous and costly damage.

Foundation Damage

Without a concrete driveway drain, water can get close to the home, where it is possible to seep into the foundation. The foundation can begin to erode, the soil underneath can weaken, and water can even seep into the wooden structure above, leading to issues like rot and mold.

Siding and Structural Damage

Just as a lack of a driveway channel drain can damage your home's foundation, it can also damage your home's siding. The water can manage to get under the siding and house wrap, where it can damage the actual structure of the home with mold and rot. Certain types of house siding can also be damaged by excessive water.

How Driveway Drainage Can Help

All of these water issues are easy to solve with the installation of a driveway drain grate. A drain will allow water to move from the driveway's surface and into the driveway channel drain, where it can drain into the sewage quickly.

With a concrete driveway drain in place to handle water, your driveway will dry much quicker. Standing water will also no longer be an issue, so there is no need to worry about driveway erosion or damage to your home or siding. Which, in turn, means you will not have to spend money or repairs that can add up over time.

Driveway Drainage Solutions

A driveway drainage system is something everyone should have. While there are many different solutions for people to consider, some stand out as better than the rest.

The best driveway drainage solution is a simple driveway channel drain. It is a good option to consider for homes that sit below street level. This is a kind of driveway trench drain that usually requires a driveway drain grate to keep it free of drain-clogging debris. In many cases, these systems run the entire length of the driveway and are close to the home's garage.

A driveway trench drain is an extremely effective system, but many people have issues with the driveway drain grate. Even though they come in decorative styles, they are heavy and cumbersome to move when you have to clean out the drain, and can break easily.

Fortunately, there is a newer kind of driveway drainage solution that does not require a grate covering: the Slot Drain System.

Benefits of Slot Drain for Driveways

Slot Drains for driveways are a newer style of driveway trench drain that homeowners can choose for their driveway drainage needs. Here are some of the great benefits of choosing this specific type of driveway drainage system:

1. Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Driveway Drainage 1

One of the biggest benefits to the Slot Drain is that it is an aesthetically pleasing system. Unlike other drainage systems, Slot Drain offers a sleek, linear design that is very discreet. Part of what helps it remain discreet is the fact that it has a slimmer profile that does not require a driveway drain grate. Without a grate covering, the Slot Drain system is so thin you may even forget it is there.

2. Stainless Steel Option

Another benefit to this driveway drainage solution is that you have the option to choose a stainless steel construction for the drain channel. While it may seem like something extreme, stainless steel has countless benefits. It is a non-porous, bacteria and corrosion resistant material that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures with ease. It is also incredibly strong, allowing it to handle the weight of cars without cracking or breaking under pressure.

3. ADA Compliant

Because it is for a residential property, you want to ensure that your driveway channel drain is safe for everyone. Slot Drain has the added benefit of offering an ADA compliant drain design. Beyond being a grate-free system, it is also perfectly level with the ground and is slim enough that there is no worry of people tripping as they walk on the drain. This also means that wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, bikes, and other similar items can pass over it with ease.

4. Easy to Install

One thing everyone wants when it comes to a concrete driveway drain is for it to be easy to install. Slot Drain for driveways offers this convenience, with their pre-sloped and pre-assembled drain design. Not only is it incredibly easy to do an entirely new installation, but it is also easy to retrofit it from an existing drain. Slot Drain is so easy to install that you do not necessarily need more than just a couple of people to get the job done.

5. Easy Maintenance

Driveway Drainage 2

The issue with a grated driveway trench drain is that it can be difficult to maintain. With traditional trench drains, the grate cover has to come off to clean the drain when necessary. While cleaning may not be as necessary for residential drains, it is important to maintain it still so the drain works properly. The benefit of a Slot Drain system that it is easy to clean and takes about 15 minutes. There is also the option of a self-cleaning and flushing system to make it even easier.

“Standing water can gradually damage the foundation of your driveway overtime. Slot Drain is our preferred solution for this. Not only does it help drain any standing water, it lasts longer as well. Since its design is not too exposed it is less prone to rotting and any external damages” ~ Chuck Waltman, Houston Contractor

Having a driveway drainage solution in place is critical for the safety of your home and driveway. With the right drainage system, water will not have the chance to cause damage to your home or property, leading to expensive repairs. While there are different options for driveway drainage, the best system by far is the Slot Drain system for driveways. This is a reliable system that will not detract from the beauty of your property and will work efficiently for years.

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