7 Stunning Exterior Hardscape Linear Drains

Hardscape design is a great way to break up your backyard and increase your usable outdoor living space. You cannot plan a hardscape design, however, without including proper drainage in order to protect your yard and home, and not just any drainage system will do.

It should be elegant and blend in well with the surrounding area, while also effectively managing water in your yard.

That’s what makes a slot drain from Slot Drain Systems ideal for your project.


What Makes Slot Drain Great for Exterior Hardscapes


A slot drain is a new take on the traditional trench drain. Slot drains are linear drain systems that we build pre-sloped and come pre-assembled for easy installation. One of the most notable design features is the lack of grate covering, allowing for a more subtle and attractive addition to any hardscape exterior design.

Instead of a grat, the drains feature openings between 0.5 and 1.25 inches — large enough to allow water runoff to pass through, but small enough to prevent any objects from becoming stuck. While narrow, flow rates range between 11 and 27 gallons per minute, depending on the slot drain model you choose.

Slot Drain Systems’ 6,000 and 7,000 Series drain systems are the perfect options for exterior hardscape linear drains. These models comprise a stainless steel construction that is temperature-, corrosion-, and bacteria-resistant, making them safe and sanitary for any setting.

Additionally, they exceed a Load Class C rating, allowing them to stand up to regular vehicle traffic if need be (such as parking lots). Another notable benefit is that the smallest channel opening, 0.5 inches, is ADA compliant, making it perfect for areas with accessibility requirements. These drains lie flush with the rest of the hardscape, preventing tripping hazards and allowing them to blend in well with their surroundings.

Slot drains are very easy to clean and maintain, requiring just a brush and paddle for tools. Alternatively, you can opt for our Flush-Flo clean-in-place (CIP) accessory — which can be set up for automated cleaning — though you will still want to use a brush to ensure it is spotless.

Slot drains are attractive exterior hardscape drains that will enhance and protect your hardscape design. Here are some clever and sophisticated ways to incorporate them into your design.


1. Between Stone Tiles


Stone tiles will easily add personality and style to your backyard. You can add a slot drain along the grout line of the tiles to create a seamless look. While it won't look like grout, most people won’t even realize that there’s a drain system, since it blends perfectly with the tiles.


2. As Outdoor Living Room Protection


Just because you have an outdoor living space doesn't mean you want it to get wet from rain or pool water. To keep it safe and dry, you can have a slot drain installed as a sort of protective barrier around the living space. Since it is a linear system, it can run straight across the “threshold,” protecting the space from runoff.


3. Around The Perimeter of Your Pool


With any outdoor pool — especially in-ground — there’s bound to be runoff, which can damage the surrounding grass or concrete. By installing Slot Drain's exterior hardscape linear drains along the pool's perimeter, you add safety without taking away from the appearance. Drainage becomes an accent instead of an eyesore.


4. In Front of Your Garage Door


Another area where water runoff is undesirable is next to your garage, where it can create all sorts of safety hazards for your car and can even damage your driveway.

You can place a slot drain a few feet from the door to manage runoff and prevent water from entering your garage. While there will be a noticeable reduction in the amount of water around your garage, there will be no unsightly grates detracting from your home's exterior look.

Slot Drain Systems’ various slot drain models come load rated, some exceeding Class C, allowing them to stand up to constant vehicle traffic, so there’s no worry about replacing bent grates down the road.


5. As Separation For an Outdoor Kitchen


By placing a slot drain along the grout line by the entrance to your outdoor kitchen, you can create a subtle sense of separation. Not only does this help keep spaces defined, but it also protects your outdoor kitchen from damaging runoff and pooling water. This not only prevents slipping hazards, but makes for easy cleaning if any food is spilled.


6. Under a Raised Hot Tub


A hot tub is a nice touch to any backyard, but it can generate plenty of water runoff, just like a pool. For a raised hot tub, you can place a slot drain system under it to catch any water as people get in and out. Like with the other examples on this list, this is a simple touch that helps keep your hardscape looking clean, without taking away from drainage efficiency.


7. Around an In-ground Hot Tub


If you have a hot tub that is set into the rest of the hardscape design, a slot drain system can be applied like you would around the perimeter of a pool. This will collect the water runoff and ensure the space stays dry and free of dangerous, slippery surfaces, while maintaining your elegant design choices.


The Perfect Hardscape Drainage Solution

Hardscape design can transform your yard from ordinary to extraordinary. No matter how big or small your design, you need to protect it and the rest of your home and yard from water damage.

The most effective way to do so is to install exterior hardscape linear drains, like a slot drain, which are subtle, aesthetically pleasing pieces that are also extremely effective for draining excess water.

With a slot drain in place, your hardscape will remain dry, and you won't have to worry about pooling water and the damage it can cause if left unattended.



If you’re considering drainage for your exterior hardscape, contact a Slot Drain Systems drainage expert today. We can answer any questions you may have and provide suggestions for effective, elegant drainage system options that will please the eyes and keep your property safe and intact.


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