How to Determine and Fix Leaks in a Slot Drain System

Drainage systems are meant to help with water management, taking water runoff from the surface and diverting it to a catch basin or similar system. Slot Drain is a system that falls into the trench drain category. Unlike traditional trench drains, Slot Drain features a slimmer drain channel that is completely open and doesn’t require any grate covering. It is a durable system that comes pre-assembled, making installation a much easier process, and leaks are incredibly rare - but not impossible. 

Here is what you need to know about finding and fixing leaks in a Slot Drain system–and why you may experience one in the first place.

Finding a Leak

Detecting leaks can be difficult and requires patience as well as an understanding that you may end up destroying the area around the drain to find the problem and end up spending a great deal of money on the necessary repairs. 

Shine a Light in the Drain

One detection technique you can use to find leaks in the system is to shine a light in the system to see if you can visually identify any issues. For the smaller channel openings, like those that are .5” wide, this can be more difficult. A drain camera small enough to fit through the opening can also be helpful to try and determine if there is a leak or not.

Listen for Noise

Sometimes, you may hear a leak, even if you cannot see anything visibly wrong. Try to ensure the area is as quiet as possible so you can listen carefully for the sounds of a potential leak. If you hear what sounds like flowing water or a hissing sound, you will need to investigate the situation further, as you likely have a leak somewhere in the system. 

Find Where They Are Plumb 

The most effective detection method is to determine where the Slot Drain is connected, like a catch basin or surge tank. If it is a dual system, there may be two areas to locate. Once you’ve found these locations, you want to plug them to prevent the flow of water. 

After the catch basin or surge tank is plugged up, you will then flood the Slot Drain with water, mark the water level, and wait at least one hour. If the water level drops during that hour, you have a leak in the system that could be either from the Slot Drain itself or its plumbing. You will need to investigate further, which will require excavating around the drain system.

Fixing a Slot Drain Leak

When initially installed, the Slot Drain system is set in concrete, meaning finding the exact location of any leaks and fixing them requires excavation of the area around the drain. It is not an easy, quick, or cheap process, and you want to be careful not to cause further damage. You need to remove enough of the surrounding concrete to have full access to the system on both sides. Once the excavation is done, you can pinpoint the source of the leak and take the necessary steps to fix the problem. After the problem is taken care of and you are sure there are no other issues, you can repour the surrounding concrete slab.

Built to Withstand Leaks

Slot Drain is one of the most well-built systems on the market, commonly made of high-quality materials like stainless steel or galvanized steel. It comes pre-assembled and pre-sloped, which takes much of the guesswork out of installation, but it still requires a certain level of know-how to ensure you install it correctly.

For a leak to occur in the system, it means there was an issue with installation, and the contractor was not properly educated in Slot Drain’s installation methods. Ensuring the Slot Drain is installed correctly is crucial to the function of the drain. Otherwise, you will find yourself forced to spend thousands on repair work.

Instead of going through all of the hassle, you should hire a trained and reputable Slot Drain specialist to handle the installation. They will have a clear understanding of the process and know how to avoid damaging the drain. It will be well worth the extra cost and give you the best installation possible. 

Install it Right the First Time

Drainage is a critical part of all properties, and you want to choose the best and most reliable system possible. Slot Drain is a highly durable design in a sleek package. With the Slot Drain system in place, you never have to worry about issues like clogging, low flow rates, or breaking or bowing from too much weight. Installed correctly, Slot Drain will never fail you. The only thing you will have to worry about is keeping it clean, which is a simple process that doesn’t take much time at all.

Contact the experts at Slot Drain today for information about a more durable drainage product.