Meeting Industrial Needs with Heavy Duty Metal Grates


A high-quality, functional drainage system is an essential part of any facility. Without one, there is a chance for standing water to collect, which can damage the floors and overall integrity of a structure. Standing water can also lead to the growth of harmful mold, mildew, and other contaminants.

A good drainage system is especially important in the industrial sector; where there is a higher standard of need. Going hand-in-hand with the need for a proper drainage system is the need for heavy duty steel grating.

By going with heavy duty grating in an industrial facility, you are ensuring the entire drainage system will stand the test of time and offer the right amount of durability. Here is what you should know when it comes to industrial drain grates in your facility.

Industries That Benefit from Stainless Steel Grates

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There are some different types of facilities that can benefit from the installation of industrial floor drain grates. One major industry is the food and beverage industry, which encompasses some different places: commercial kitchens, food and beverage plants, wineries, and even distilleries.

Roads, highways, parking lots, car garages, and car washes are industries that also require heavy duty bar grating. These are areas that are exposed to a great deal of water, and large amounts of weight. Therefore, it is essential that your trench drain has heavy duty grating that can withstand such pressure. Similarly, car dealerships should also have industrial drain grates.

Other types of facilities and industries that should have heavy duty trench drain grates include places like manufacturing plants, warehouses, docks, and ports. It is not just heavy duty grating that these industries need, however, but heavy duty grating load tables.

By using heavy duty grating load tables, you are covering a larger surface of the loading docks or warehouse, giving workers and vehicles a stable workspace that will have no issues handling any water or waste.

Stronger Than Other Grate Materials

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There is no doubt that a heavy duty metal grate is the best option, particularly when it comes to industrial facilities. While there are other grate materials, heavy duty steel grating is much stronger and more durable.

One of the most important durability features of industrial floor drain grates is their ability to handle heavy loads. Unlike other options, they can take heavy vehicles and equipment getting placed on top of them without breaking under pressure.

Heavy-duty steel grating is also stronger in the sense that it is strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures. A heavy duty metal grate can handle anything from extremely high heat to freezing temperatures.

Heavy duty bar grating is also corrosion resistant. This means that it is strong enough to handle strong chemicals that may be common in certain industries, especially places where these chemicals help to clean the trench drain and any industrial drain grates.

Better Sanitation and Hygiene

Besides being a stronger option, industrial floor drain grates also offer a more sanitary and hygienic option. This is because the stainless steel that makes heavy duty bar grating is more resistant to bacteria and contamination. Stainless steel is a nonporous material, making it smooth enough that bacteria have no chance of getting stuck in any crevices, where it can grow and spread.

The smoothness of heavy duty grating also means it is much easier to clean than other types of grating options. This helps to make it much easier to keep up with high standards of hygiene.

The fact that heavy duty trench drain grates are corrosion resistant and able to withstand strong chemicals means you can also use these chemicals to ensure the gates are completely clean.


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The great thing about a heavy duty metal grate is the level of safety that it offers.

When other types of grating breaks, it creates an unsafe area where workers can become seriously injured by tripping over the broken area. But, heavy-duty grating load tables are made to withstand extreme pressure and weight, and therefore will not break so easily.

These drain grates are also more lightweight, making them easier for workers to handle when it comes to clean the drainage channel and grate itself. This means that workers will have less of a chance of injuring themselves when they go to remove the grate covering.

Finally, since stainless steel heavy duty grating load tables have a thinner profile, there is less of a chance of workers or equipment tripping over it or something getting stuck in the opening of the slots.

More Economical

The last great benefit to heavy duty trench drain grates is that they are a much more economical option. Since stainless steel is recyclable, old grates will not end up in a landfill but can get remade into new grates or other stainless steel products.

Since industrial floor drain grates are more durable than other types of grates, there is less money spent on replacing them every time they break. They are also easier to clean, you can spend much less on the maintenance of the drain grates.

Additional between the safety and strength of the grates, there is less of a concern about workers becoming injured, which minimizes the potential for workers compensation and other kinds of injury-related lawsuits.

When it comes to industrial facilities, it is essential you choose the right materials for every part of your drainage system. When deciding what type of materials to go with, there is only one option to consider when it comes to the grates: metal.

Material like stainless steel is more durable, safer, and economical than other options, making it great for every type of industrial facility.

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