5 Landscape Architecture Trends for 2023

At the beginning of every year, predictions are made about trends to watch for during the new year. These lists range from everything from fashion to architecture, leaving no area unexamined. For some, these are confirmation that their design plans are going in the right direction. For others, they are an inspiration that helps to form and guide their own ideas, especially when it comes to home and landscape trends.

Landscape Architecture Trends

Here are some of the top landscape architecture trends 2023 you can expect to see.

1. Indoor Living Brought Outdoors

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One trend which has prevailed for multiple years now is the trend of taking indoor living to the outdoors. It is a trend that you can expect to be especially popular with people living in areas with warmer climates.

In some cases, homeowners may choose to go with a simple outdoor living room, which would allow homeowners to sit and relax outside by the pool with the family. Another part of this popular trend is creating outdoor kitchens and dining areas that can rival the home’s indoor space.

Keeping outdoor living spaces clean is essential so that it does not start deteriorating, growing mold, or become slippery due to water, especially if there is a pool. A great way to manage water in these areas is to install a floor drainage system like Slot Drain, which helps lead water away from the surface, while blending seamlessly into the overall backyard design, especially since it is a thinner grateless system, unlike the traditional trench drain system seen on the market.

2. Gardens as Personal Sanctuary


While gardens have always been part of landscaping, there is a new focus in 2023 on creating gardens that feel like a personal sanctuary or retreat. With so many things in life creating stress for people, having a quiet little sanctuary in their backyard provides a nice place to unwind and relax. Things like colorful and nicely scented plants, comfortable seating, and water features call all be combined to create an area in the backyard that feels like it is part of a different world.

A drainage system like Slot Drain can also help with the management of the plants and water features in these little sanctuaries, by ensuring any water runoff is moved from the surface and into the drainage channel.

3. Easier Lawn Maintenance

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With how busy people are day-to-day, having difficult-to-maintain ls a significant drawback when it comes to landscaping. But, that doesn’t mean people are foregoing landscaping all together. But, instead, as part of the landscape architecture trends 2023, people are turning to plants and landscaping that requires little to no maintenance.

By turning to these types of plants, homeowners can eliminate a lot of the upkeep customarily required to keep certain kinds of landscaping looking pristine. Most homeowners do not have time to spend mulching and pruning plants every season, so options that only need simple mowing and watering are great alternatives that do not sacrifice appearances.

4. Built-In Hot Tubs


Hot tubs are, and always have been, a major landscaping trend, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. But, gone are the days of entirely separate hot tubs being brought in, which may not flow with landscaping designs as readily. Instead, people are integrating hot tubs into the rest of their landscape design by building them into the patio ground.

Of course, anytime a pool or hot tub is involved in landscape design, there also needs to be a way of managing the water. That is where a drainage system like Slot Drain comes into play. Slot Drain, a grateless trench drain system, virtually disappears into any design and helps to prevent standing water from damaging the surrounding patio or landscaping.

5. Water Features


Water features are another design element that is expected to be a big part of the landscape architecture trends 2019. Fountains, small ponds, and waterfalls are just some of the favorite kinds of water features people may turn to as a way of creating an eye-catching landscaping design. It is a unique feature that not all homes will have, and can really be a stand-out feature.

Again, having proper drainage like the Slot Drain system in place around any water features is critical, as the system will help with water management and keep water from pooling around the water feature, which can lead to various issues.

These are just a few of the landscape architecture trends 2023 to watch out for, but there are many others. Trends are not definitive, and there are always people who choose to break the mold and do something different, many will still find inspiration from the trends listed above. But, hopefully, it helps plan an updated backyard landscape design for the new year, so that you can come up with a design that you love, and that fits in with your preferred aesthetics.

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