5 Places that Benefit from Low Profile Drain Systems

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Drainage is an essential part of any structure that is man-made. A drainage system helps to manage the flow of surface water by allowing it to flow into a drain channel. This prevents areas of standing water from forming, enabling the surface to dry quicker, which makes it safe from becoming a tripping hazard. Also,  removing standing water also prevents the growth of bacteria and other potentially harmful fungi.

The worry with drainage systems, however, is that they will ruin the aesthetic of an area or stick out too much. However, thanks to new low-profile trench drain systems, that is a worry of the past. Here is what a low-profile trench drain system is, and a few of the many ways they can be useful.

What is a Low-Profile Trench Drain?

In the past, trench drain systems have stuck out wherever they were placed. They were unattractive eyesores that were covered by grates and were slightly raised. This made them not just unattractive, but also somewhat of a hazard–people could trip on the lip or grate, which could lead to potentially serious injuries.

Now, however, the new type of low-profile trench drain is becoming commonplace. These systems work just like the traditional trench drain systems with a few significant differences. For one, low-profile systems blend seamlessly into the floor, leaving no edge that could act as a tripping hazard. These systems also do not require grates, which are unattractive and can break easily, again causing more safety issues.


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One place where a low-profile trench drain is incredibly useful is in a brewery.

Breweries are places prone to a lot of traffic, with workers, machines, and visitors alike continually moving through the facility. It is essential that the installed drainage system does not create a safety hazard for machines and people alike, which could pose a huge liability risk.

Beyond the safety factor, a low-profile trench drain is also a more attractive option, which is something breweries want, especially if they give tours or have a tap room. A low-profile drain system is slimmer than other systems and does not require a grate covering, allowing it to blend with the surrounding ground without issue.


Low Profile Drain Systems 2

Pools are another area where a low-profile trench drain can be useful. As with breweries and anywhere else these drains may be seen, you want to minimize the risk of people tripping over raised areas as much as possible.

With pools, a low profile trench drain is also an ADA Compliant system that makes the pool area accessible to anyone. Beyond that, it will allow the surface area around the pool to dry quickly so that the pool area also does not become a slipping hazard.


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With parks, the use of a low-profile trench drain comes down to a mix of aesthetics, safety, and making a space that is easily accessible for everyone.

Parks are meant to be beautiful places that help the public to enjoy nature. So, it makes sense that parks and similar public spaces would want drainage systems that are effective without taking away from the beauty of the area. They get not only that with a low-profile trench drain, but also a system that is level with the rest of the paved ground, allowing everyone to walk or roll over it without potentially tripping and getting injured.

Shopping Centers

Low Profile Drain Systems 4

When malls and shopping centers are built, it is with a particular design aesthetic in mind. These days, it is usually a modern look that they are after, and a conventional trench drain system would likely ruin the design.

Instead, they can consider a more discreet low profile trench drain to meet all their needs: subtle yet functional. In addition, it, again, would also meet ADA regulations required for public spaces.


Low Profile Drain Systems 5

Wineries have become a popular destination for those looking for fun in the summer and spring. As a result, wineries have invested time and money into creating a beautiful, tranquil place for people to come to explore and taste their products. With that, comes the need for a drainage system that doesn’t take away from the entire look. That is, again, where the low profile trench drain systems come into play: their subtle design makes them virtually unnoticeable to most.

While drainage is an essential part of construction, that does not mean you have to go with large, unsightly systems that detract from the aesthetics of the location. For that reason, there has been a rise in the popularity of low-profile trench drain systems.

These are efficient drainage systems that are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional trench drain systems. Also, they also are much safer by eliminating any edge or grate that can act as a tripping hazard to those walking over it. For the most attractive, safest, and still functional drainage option, a low-profile trench drain is the way to go.


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