A Better Alternative to Plastic Floor Drain Grates

Floor trench drains are an essential part of all construction projects, whether it is a public park or an industrial facility. Usually, these drain systems have a grate cover to prevent large objects from falling into the drain. In non-industrial cases, plastic floor drain grates are common. While plastic drain grates can get the job done, they aren't necessarily the best option. Before you buy one, here is what you should consider about plastic drain grates.

Why People Use Plastic Floor Drain Grates



No matter what material you choose for a grate, you will have to replace it at some point. This can get expensive, which is a big reason why plastic drain grates are popular in certain applications. Unlike other materials, plastic is an inexpensive material and is easy to replace when necessary. They are also lightweight and easy to install, so there is no concern about a maintenance worker getting injured when trying to remove the cover.

Plastic drain grates are commonly found in non-industrial applications. This includes places like swimming pools, animal kennels, veterinary clinics, landscaped areas, sports fields, residential driveways, and other pedestrian and public spaces.

What's Wrong With Them?

Just because a plastic floor drain grate works for these smaller applications doesn't mean it is the best option. Over time, like with many materials, plastic will begin to degrade from things like sun exposure. Extreme heat can also cause them to shrink, rendering them ineffective. Strong chemicals can also lead to the corrosion of plastic grates, which also weakens them. Aside from corrosion, chemicals like chlorine will also bleach the grate and lead to splintering and peeling.

These types of drain grates offer some durability, but they still are not strong enough to be a completely safe and secure option.

The Better Alternative to Plastic Floor Drain Grates



There are many options for replacing plastic floor drain grates. One option is to consider a whole different floor drain system for your desired application purpose. Slot Drain is a brand with various models that work well for various applications.

It is a pre-sloped, pre-assembled linear low-profile trench drain system that suits many purposes. Slot Drain is a better option than systems that use plastic drain grates because they are made of steel. Slot Drain produces all of its floor drain models in stainless steel and galvanized steel.



Stainless steel and galvanized steel produce a stronger and more durable product. Unlike plastic, steel does not shrink when exposed to extreme heat, nor does it corrode, splinter, or peel from exposure to strong chemicals. This is especially true for stainless steel, which also offers more rust resistance when it comes to water exposure.

Steel is also odor-resistant, so odors will not cling to the drain in places like kennels and veterinary clinics that deal with sick and injured animals. The steel construction means that the drain can handle heavier loads without bowing or breaking under pressure, making it a great option for driveways.



What really sets Slot Drain's systems apart is their construction. No matter what model you choose, the drains all feature opening choices of .5", 1", and 1.25" depending on your needs. These slim openings mean that the system does not need a grate–so there is no need for plastic floor drain grates or any other type of grate. This makes Slot Drain systems easier to clean since there is no need to worry about a grate.

The Different Slot Drain Systems



Slot Drain offers four different models. The 6000 Series and 7000 Series are their smallest models, but are just as durable as the rest. Slot Drain systems feature a Load Class C–capable of holding 56,200 lbs/ft, making it safe for heavy-duty applications and commercial use. It is a great option for pools, landscaping, animal kennels, veterinary clinics, driveways, and similar applications.



The 9000 and 10,000 Series models offer all the same benefits as the smaller ones, but they are more heavy-duty. These models feature a heavier load class, making them ideal for industrial applications.

Upgrade Your Drains

Having the right floor drain is important to maintain a clean and sanitary area. Instead of choosing a system that requires a grate at all, choose a grate-free system. Slot Drain's systems are an ideal option that eliminates the need for plastic floor drain grates. The steel construction of these drains creates a highly durable, corrosion-resistant drain that will last for years.

With Slot Drain's systems, you will never have to worry about plastic grate covers breaking, shrinking, eroding from chemical or sun exposure, or anything else that could happen. Make your project safer and reduce maintenance needs — contact a representative at Slot Drain today.


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