Maximizing the Functionality of Plaza Deck Drains

Building owners need to make the most of their available space. There are many options for utilizing spaces, and one option is to build a plaza deck. Plaza decks are relatively easy to build and extremely versatile, and they give building owners endless possibilities. Here is what you should know about plaza decks and how to protect them. 

What is a Plaza Deck?

Plaza deck drainPlaza decks are structures that act as a roof and floor for a public space, typically at or above ground level. They are typically concrete but can also be constructed from metal or commercial composite materials. Uses for plaza decks include parking garages, pedestrian bridges, stadium bleachers, high-rise balconies, floating deck rooms, and more.

Benefits of Plaza Decks

Plaza decks can completely transform a given space or unused city block, by creating an area with various potential uses. When well maintained, they can help enhance a building's overall aesthetics, for higher tenant satisfaction and property value. The decks can also serve as outdoor office space, floating deck rooms, and more. Further benefits can include:

A Happier, Healthier Work Work Environment

Sitting inside an office under artificial lighting for hours can increase stress and anxiety and lead to unhappy employees. By providing a plaza deck, employees can work outside and enjoy the fresh air and natural sunlight, which is proven to boost serotonin and promote calmness. It would also provide a change of scenery, which can help work from feeling monotonous.

Get a Return on Investment

By creating more usable space on your property, you are making an investment that will help to increase your property's overall value.

Make a Good Impression

Creating a good first impression is essential for people to feel comfortable. Part of making a good impression is by having an inviting and attractive exterior, and a plaza deck is a perfect opportunity to enhance the exterior and add more usable space.


Plaza decks have many potential functions that make better use of the space. One example is to create an outdoor area where employees can work or relax during their lunch break.

The Need for a Plaza Deck Drain


Plaza decks are constantly exposed to harsh conditions, from rain and extreme temperatures to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. These conditions can impact plaza desks and cause numerous issues, with the weather having a significant effect. Precipitation, in particular, causes many issues, including mold, mildew, and algae growth, which can also create slip hazards on the deck floor. Precipitation can also cause the deck to deteriorate over time, with temperature changes worsening the damage.

Below-grade plaza decks have further concerns about water damage, including water pooling, flooding, and concrete damage if the concrete doesn't have adequate waterproofing.

Thorough waterproofing is essential to creating a safe, stable plaza deck, but you also need to install a plaza deck drain to effectively manage water runoff and prevent pooling and the growth of mold, mildew, and algae. A drainage system will eliminate pooling and flooding and allow the floor to dry, so that mold, mildew, and algae can't form.

Things to Consider When Considering Drainage

A plaza drain is essential in planning and implementing a plaza deck, especially to ensure longevity. Some factors to consider when looking at drainage systems are:

  • Durability: You need to choose a system that can handle substantial weight, especially if it is for vehicles. It must be able to withstand the elements without suffering damage. 
  • Sufficient Flow Rates: The system must be able to handle sufficient flow rates to avoid backups and overflowing. 
  • Aesthetics: Ideally, you want a system that will not detract from the plaza deck's overall appearance.
  • Simple Installation: A simple installation method is ideal, so you don't have to spend too much time or money on the installation process.
  • Easy to Maintain: Maintaining the system shouldn't be overly complicated or time-consuming. The easier it is to maintain, employees will have more time for other tasks.

Slot Drain for Plaza Deck Drainage

The Slot Drain is a subsurface channel drain system with a linear, pre-sloped design. Unlike other, more traditional channel drains, the Slot Drain has smaller widths of .5-inch, 1-inch, and 1.25 inches wide. It is a more subtle system that can easily blend in with grout lines and go virtually unnoticed while offering flow rates of up to 27 gallons per minute per foot of drain. The smaller opening doesn't require a grate cover to protect the inner channel, because the width will prevent larger objects from falling inside. The .5-inch size channel is an ADA-compliant option. 

The Slot Drain comes in various sizes, with the 7,000 Series ideal for use as a plaza drain. It comes in T304 and T316 stainless steel builds, to ensure that it can handle up to a Load Class C in weight. The stainless steel construction also ensures it is durable enough to withstand the elements, including extreme temperatures and any corrosive substances it may encounter.

7000 Series Slot Drain

In terms of installation, the system comes pre-assembled to make installation significantly easier. The system can be installed within a day, and maintenance is straightforward with Flush Flo technology, which allows you to flush water through the system manually or timed. 

A Catch Basin is also available and compatible with the Slot Drain. It helps to catch objects that may fall into the drain and allows them to be easily retrieved without clogging the system and causing it to overflow. 


Protecting Your Plaza Deck

Plaza decks are a great addition to a property with great potential. They provide many potential uses and benefits. Creating a plaza deck means protecting it from the wear-and-tear of use and, most importantly, the elements. This includes installing a reliable drainage system to help manage water runoff. 

If you're looking for plaza deck drain options, contact the team at Slot Drain Systems today to learn more about their unique drain systems!