Pool Deck Drainage 101: Everything You'll Need To Know

Backyard pools offer endless amounts of family fun, a chance to customize your backyard, and an excellent way to boost your home's value. 

It’s important to plan your pool correctly to protect not only the pool, but the deck and yard as well. Pools may be full of chlorinated or salt water and are out in the open, where they are exposed to the elements like rain and snow. Without the proper pool deck drainage, severe damage can occur to any part of your yard or the surrounding deck. 

The Importance of Pool Deck Drainage

Pool deck drainage is a drainage system designed to divert water runoff from the surface around a pool. Drainage systems are essential for in-ground pools and serve many purposes. 

The following are four of the most critical reasons that drainage systems are critical for all in-ground pools.

Preventing Pool Water Contamination

Pool water is typically mixed with chlorine to kill germs and prevent algae and microbial build-up. Adding chlorine to pools creates a weak acid called hypochlorous acid, which kills bacterias like salmonella and E. coli. It also kills germs that can cause other viruses that can make swimmers sick.

Chlorine also prevents algae and other plant life from growing in pool water, which helps to keep it clear and reduces stress on the filtration system.

Pool Deck Drainage

The chemicals in a swimming pool require careful maintenance, and any "foreign" water can cause multiple issues. This foreign water can be snowmelt, rainwater runoff, or runoff from places like the garden, gutters, or other sources. 

Water from these sources is not filtered like pool water and is filled with debris, bacteria, and soil phosphates. If this runoff were to get into the pool, it could harm the filtration system and upset the pH levels, making it vulnerable to algae growth, bacteria build-up, and other issues.

That is where effective pool deck drainage comes in. A drainage system will help divert water runoff, preventing it from getting into the pool or the filtration system. The drainage system will send runoff through a channel, directing it to a sewer or other area away from the pool and your yard. 

Preventing Damage to the Deck

Preventing Damage to the Deck

With all the splashing that occurs in pools, it’s only natural that pool water is going to end up on the deck and surrounding area. This water can get on the deck, concrete, and landscaping. 

Over time, the chlorinated water can begin causing damage, eating away at wooden deck material, causing mold and rot, or slowly eroding the concrete patio, causing cracks. If the damage isn't prevented or fixed, the decking can become unsafe and lead to injuries and costly repairs.

Installing a drainage system means the water from the pool won't be on the deck surface for long. Instead, it will get diverted into a drain channel, where it can then safely flow towards the sewer.

Keeping Landscaping Safe and Healthy

Landscaping can suffer just as much damage, if not more than deck material. Pool water can throw off the soil's natural pH levels, harming any plants and grass, leaving them drier and weaker or even killing them altogether. Pool water or water runoff from storms can lead to soil erosion, which is also harmful to landscaping. 

A pool deck drainage system will catch the water and keep it from overwhelming the landscaping. Some pool water may still reach the soil, but it will be much less than if there was no drainage system in place.

Avoiding Slipping Hazards On the Deck

Avoiding Slipping Hazards On the Deck

Aside from the physical damage to property that standing water causes, it is also a major safety hazard. Standing water creates a slippery surface on which people can easily fall and injure themselves. To avoid this, giving standing water somewhere to go is crucial.

A drainage system will prevent puddles of standing water from forming. It will allow the ground to dry more quickly, even if there isn't much sunlight. 

The Drainage System Matters

The system you choose for your pool deck drainage is important, and not all systems are the same. For an efficient, easy-to-maintain system, consider the Slot Drain System.

Slot Drain's 6000 Series and 7000 Series systems are ideal for landscaping situations, including around in-ground pools. They are linear, grate-free systems that offer the most durability of any system. 

Slot Drains are made with rust-, corrosion-, and bacteria-resistant stainless steel, ensuring they can withstand the harsh chemicals that are used in pools without the worry of degradation. 

The Drainage System Matters

Both systems also use catch basins and strainer baskets, which catch any big debris and prevent it from going into the sewer. Slot Drain systems are also easy to clean with a brush and paddle or Slot Drain's Flush-Flo accessory.

Protecting Your Pool and Deck

A pool is a great addition to any backyard, but they require care and planning. Pool deck drainage is one essential part of an in-ground pool. Drainage systems help protect the pool, your yard, and family members and friends in various ways. By choosing a system like Slot Drain, you can rest assured that your pool and deck will be well-protected for years to come.

Contact the drainage experts at Slot Drain Systems today to discuss the best drainage system option for your pool deck.