Pre-Sloped Trench Drains: everything YOu Need to Know

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There is no denying the importance of an in-floor drainage system for any facility. These systems are made to help manage the flow of surface water and redirect it, to help keep floors clean and dry. But, there are many different types and styles of in-floor drainage systems for you to consider. One option to consider is a pre-sloped trench drain, which has many benefits.  Here is what to know about pre-sloped drainage systems, the benefits of choosing one, and one great option to consider.

What is a Pre-Sloped Trench Drain

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Something to keep in mind with regard to in-floor drainage systems is that, for the system to work, floors must have a slope to them. This slope does not have to be extreme; it should simply slope enough for gravity to allow water to flow along the floor surface to the drain channel and then along the channel.

This is where the pre-sloped trench drain construction comes in. These trench drain systems are uniquely designed so that there is no need to worry about four-sloped floors which can create instability on floors. Instead, facilities only need a two-sloped floor for these systems to work properly.

Benefits of a Pre-Sloped Trench Drain

1. Say Goodbye to Four-Sloped Floors

Before the pre-sloped trench drain, facilities had to design their floor plan to have a four-sloped floor. This led to many different levels around the facility, which could make floors somewhat unstable to stand or move around on. As a result, equipment and machinery may require extra support to balance properly, so that it can work correctly and not damage anything.

However, a pre-sloped trench drain does not require the same four-sloped floor design. Instead, all that is needed is a two-sloped floor, which will make the floor more level and stable for both people and equipment.

2. Easier to Install

Another benefit of a pre-sloped trench drain is the fact that it is much easier to install than systems that are not pre-sloped. Again, this is mainly due to the need for multi-way sloped floors, as concrete has to be poured at precise levels for each section.

On the other hand, a pre-sloped system does not need so many different slopes. This allows the overall installation to go much faster and smoother. In many cases, this can also allow for retrofitting of drainage systems, rather than having to rip up the entire floor.

3. Works Well in Various Areas

Regardless of where a drainage system is needed–be it inside a facility or outside in a parking garage, a pre-sloped trench drain is not limited in its applications. Since it already comes sloped, much of the preparation work is already done, so the concrete only needs a slight slope to help the water flow in the right direction.

This helps make pre-sloped systems incredibly versatile, to work in any facility or situation.

4. Virtually Maintenance Free

With a pre-sloped drainage system, there is also a lot less maintenance required to care of the trench drain system. Because of the unique design that comes with a pre- sloped trench drain, water and waste will flow more quickly through the channel and to the catch basin. This means workers do not have to help waste move along and have one less thing to worry about.

Also, these systems can be cleaned easier, by making it possible to install valves and self-cleaning systems that will enable water to flow through smoothly, effectively cleansing the drain.

An Option to Consider

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After considering some of the top benefits of a pre-sloped trench drain, the next step is to choose the right one. While there are many options, none compare to the original, pre-sloped and pre-assembled Slot Drain.

Slot Drain is a linear trench drain system that is designed in such a way that it does not require a grate covering. In addition, it is pre-sloped, which lends itself to an easy, stress-free installation and is even easy to retrofit into existing construction. This system also has the option of a self-cleaning and flush system, which helps minimize the required amount of maintenance.

Beyond that, Slot Drain is an ADA Compliant system, which comes in a wide variety of material options, but the exposed part is always made of highly-durable stainless steel. This helps to make it corrosion resistant, bacteria resistant, and capable of Class F loads, making it an incredibly heavy-duty system.

A drainage system is an essential part of any building or structure, but so is choosing the right kind. While there are many options on the market, choose one that is a pre- sloped trench drain. Pre-sloped systems provide more stability, are easier to install, work in all sorts of locations, and generally require a lot less maintenance. You will get your money’s worth with a pre-sloped trench drain, especially if you go with the pre-sloped and pre-assembled Slot Drain System.

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