Pre-Sloped Trench Drain for Shallow Slabs: The Right Drain for the Job

The old saw, "The right tool for the right job" really implies completing the job faster with better results. Pre-Sloped Trench Drain for Shallow Slabs implies much the same. Given the thickness of the slab, a drainage system comes to mind, that also equates traffic density and water flow into the equation. That calculation yields the answer or the type of drainage system to employ.

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When slabs are thinner, 3" to 5", it only makes sense that the drainage system comports with that thickness. The choice to use a thinner slab implies less foot traffic and less water flow. Some other assumptions are possible, but designs incorporate use and water flow (mechanics) potentials. Mezzanines, patios, swimming pools, sidewalks, fountains and even public plazas are just some of the types of places that are amenable to specific drainage systems as opposed to others.

Slot Drain Systems has developed the 6000 series pre-sloped Slot Drain to meet the challenges for the types of jobs with thinner slabs. Known as a Shallow Profile Slot Drain® and made of stainless or galvanized steel with an invert that starts at 2 3/4", this drainage system is an ideal tool. With options available, the slot drains mimic their environment and comes with options to enhance installations and even special jobs. In addition, these drainage systems are pre-sloped to facilitate the water drainage and maximize its flow for the given drainage system. That implies an even flow of water as opposed to water concentration that would require a field drain.

Installation of the product is simple. The top, or slot that accepts the slot system, follows the slope of the floor. The underlying channel follows a slope  designed to effectively move the water to a designated dispersal outlet. The channel, or rectangular slot that is not easily detectable to the eye, is aesthetically designed with water mechanics in mind. This latter point is important because undermining the system is quite possible given the potential energy water can build up. 

It arrives at the job site fully assemble and only requires bolting of the respective ends together before placing them in a pre-poured concrete pad. Generally, the job only requires two people to install the slot 6000 drain, which dramatically lowers costs. Elevating the drain sections occurs by using stakes to set the proper level to enhance the correct water flow for the specific job. The rebar tie-in from the floor grid is directly made to the drainage system with drains leveling bars. Other construction techniques, simple as those above, assure there is no bowing, giving the product the fullest assurance of success.

For a mezzanine or patio, having a drainage system that conforms, or mimics, to the flooring serves to enhance the beauty of the structure or area. Meanwhile, the thinness of the slab dictates a more shallow drainage systems that proves effective. Essentially, the Slot 6000 pre-sloped trench drain handles two jobs simultaneously, proving it is the right drainage system for the right job.

The pre-sloped trench drain is a system that also helps battle the challenges presented by water's corrosive nature. Since these types of drains fit well with in the design of balconies and decks, these drains possess and elevated importance. With the number of deck and balcony failures, the need to move water safely and effectively away is only elevated by the number of incidents of structural failures each year.

Effective, easy to install, pleasing to the eye, and a safe partner to other waterproofing tools, the pre-sloped trench drain is an excellent choice for the right job. With an excellent record backed up with many testimonials from highly regarded companies, assuring product excellence that is further strengthened by long-use , provides a promise that many competing brands cannot match.

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