Project Spotlight: Rimbey Fire Hall

Fire halls, like all buildings, are required to be built to a set code of requirements. However, for fire halls, these requirements are more rigorous, with strict requirements for everything. These are facilities where every design detail matters including the floor drainage system. Rimbey Fire Hall in Alberta is a fire hall that has recently done some renovations to their facility. The main (and most significant) improvement was the installation of a new floor drain system from Slot Drain Systems.

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Importance of Fire Hall Drainage

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The primary purpose of drainage is to help divert water from the ground surface so that it can dry quickly and minimize potential hazards. Fire halls are one type of facility that has many water diversion needs, which is why drainage is so essential. On the outside of the facility, a drain system can help divert rainwater and other water runoff from the parking lot and building. Here, water can not only create slick surfaces that people and cars can slip on, it can also cause damage to the building's structure and foundation.

On the inside of the building, a floor drain system helps to divert water runoff from equipment and vehicles. By having a place for this runoff to go, a drain helps keep the ground dry so firefighters and personnel can move safely through the facility. It also helps ensure that the equipment dries better and prevents damage from occurring. Of course, drainage is also essential inside and out in handling the water runoff created from cleaning the vehicles, equipment, and facility itself.

What Fire Hall Drain Systems Need

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One of the essential features for a fire hall drainage system is, of course, efficiency. A good drainage system needs to have a big enough load capacity to handle the massive amounts of water runoff created in the fire hall. Beyond that, the load capacity is also critical due to the heavy equipment within the facility. If the drainage system doesn't have the right load capacity to support all that weight, it will break.

ADA compliant systems are also essential, as they are safer and further help to prevent the possibility of tripping accidents.

Slot Drain and Rimbey Fire Hall

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Slot Drain is a linear drainage system that works flawlessly for all types of industries, including fire halls. There are three options, with the 9000 and 10,000 Series Systems rated for heavy-duty applications, like fire halls.

One of the first things to note about these two systems is that they are incredibly durable. Both the 9000 and 10,000 Series of Slot Drain provide a Load Class F, the highest load class possible. These systems also both have excellent flow rates, with rates from 11 GPM to 27 GPM, per foot of drain.

Another notable feature about Slot Drain that makes it ideal for places like Rimbey Fire Hall is the design. Slot Drain is one of the most ADA compliant systems on the market, with no raised edges that can cause people to trip when they walk across it. It is designed with a slim channel opening that doesn't require a grate covering, which also adds to the safety factor. There is no need to worry about a grate breaking from age or excess weight, or having to move ii to clean the drain itself.

Fire halls, like Rimbey Fire Hall, need to give their facility design serious thought. Every detail matters, and what may seem like a small change can make a massive difference for the safety and efficiency of the facility. One of the best things you can do to improve your fire hall is to install a new drainage system in and around the property. Slot Drain's linear system can meet the needs of all types of facilities, including fire halls, creating a safe and efficient workplace for firefighters everywhere.

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