4 Things an Architect Should Look for When Selecting a Drainage Manufacturer


When it comes to designing buildings or other structures, architects have many things to consider. Of course, they want to use the best products on the market for every part of their specific design. One particular product that needs consideration is the kind of drainage system they choose. But, with so many different drainage systems on the market, how can they find the right product and manufacturer? Here is what to keep in mind about drainage systems and choosing the right manufacturer.

Importance of a Good Drainage System

Drainage systems are often overlooked, even by architects. In many ways, most people forget how critical a good drainage system is for any property. Without a reliable drainage system, water runoff has nowhere to go. This can leave it to flood the property, which can cause costly damage to the soil, foundation, and the surrounding area.

The right drainage system will give excess water runoff a place to go so that the ground can dry more quickly and any potential damage can be avoided. When considering the different companies, here is what to look for in the ideal drainage manufacturer.

1. Quality of the Products Offered


The first and possibly the most important thing to look for when considering various drainage manufacturers is the quality of the products being offered. It is critical to ensure you are choosing a product that is the highest quality possible. This will help to ensure that the drainage system is durable and strong enough to withstand a wide range of conditions and environments. That way, this is no concern of the system failing suddenly because of the poor quality of the materials.

2. Multiple Application Purposes

Another essential thing to look for in a drainage manufacturer is for their products to work in different places. The more versatile their drainage systems are, the more likely you are to be able to use this it in a variety of construction projects. So, regardless of where you need the drainage system installed, you can trust that it will work with no problem.

3. Reliable Company

Another important thing to look for in a drainage manufacturer is an overall reliable company. Although a company may have great products, that does automatically mean the company itself is reliable. You want to know that if there is ever an issue or if you have questions, that you can turn to the company and get the help you need. This will make it clear that they genuinely care about their customers, rather than just getting paid.

4. An Attractive Product


As an architect, you not only one a high quality, reliable product, but one that also looks good. There are drainage manufactures that have worked hard to create products that are beautiful and modern and work well with any sort of design. These products do not take away from the overall look of the property and, in some cases, may even be so subtle they can go entirely unnoticed by everyone but the building and design team.

Who to Choose

There are many different drainage manufacturers currently on the market. It can make it challenging to know which manufacturer is the best to go with. But, when you keep the four things listed above in mind, it can make your search for the right option much easier.

One fantastic option that does all of the above and more is Slot Drain.

Why Slot Drain?


Slot Drain Systems is a drainage manufacturer who is dedicated to creating high-quality drainage systems that are functional, safe, and attractive. They have different systems that work for a variety of different applications. Their systems also come in various material options, including a non-porous, food-grade stainless steel that makes it safe for use in or around food and beverage areas.

This is also a heavy-duty, strong product–Slot Drain can withstand up to Class F loads, without sacrificing on appearances. The modern design of the system makes it slim and perfectly inset within the surrounding flooring. With how slim their systems are, there is no need for unsightly grates, which can be fragile and break easily under too much pressure or use.

Beyond that, while Slot drain is easy to use and install, you can depend on their team for any help. Whether you are debating between models or need help with installation or learning how it works, Slot Drain has a great team ready to help in any way they can.

Select the Right Drainage Manufacturer

Picking the right drainage manufacturer to turn to for your drainage needs is essential. As an architect, it is your job to choose the best company and product possible for your project and client. Keeping the four things above in mind, in general, will help you select not only the right drainage manufacturer but also any other big piece of the construction process.

When it comes to drainage manufacturers, however, Slot drain Systems is one company that ticks all of the boxes by providing attractive, high-quality, durable products that work in many different places, and customer surfaces that surpasses other companies.

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