Shallow Trench DrainS for Maximizing Facility Efficiency

Floor drainage systems are important for countless types of commercial and industrial facilities, but they are especially important for food processing and manufacturing facilities. Choosing the best type of drain system can be tricky, however, with so many styles and options available.

The trench drain is the most common, but there are still different types of trench drains. The best choice for food processing and manufacturing facilities, however, are shallow trench drain systems, like a Slot Drain system.

Slot Drain is a new type of slotted trench drain that offers a better, more efficient construction. Unlike traditional systems, Slot Drain is a high-efficiency, grateless solution with a shallow profile making it safer and cleaner than competing products on the market.

What is a Shallow Trench Drain?



Drain systems are defined by a variety of different features, including their depth. Typically, drains that have a depth under 3” are considered to be shallow. Any depth beyond that signifies a high-capacity system. Having a shallow profile means that the drain is level with the floor, so it doesn't stand out as much. These drains offer a sleek, modern design with a slim opening that doesn't require a grate, which makes it a safe, highly functional option for all types of food facilities.

The biggest advantage of a shallow trench drain is the ability to install it in shallow foundations, which is a concern for some businesses. Shallow drain systems are best friends to bakers, brewers, and food processing plant managers.

Why Food Facilities Should Use Them



A shallow trench drain has many benefits for food processing and manufacturing facilities. One of the major reasons facilities should consider the use of shallow trench drain systems is because they don't require thick concrete slabs, which can cut down on construction costs. Thinner concrete slabs also allow greater design flexibility within the facility. However, even for facilities who require thicker slabs for their setup, a shallow trench drain is the best option to ensure a safe and sanitary facility.

Since shallow trench drains are flush with the rest of the floor, there is no lip sticking out that can cause workers to trip so there is less of a concern of having a worker's compensation issue or safety hazard, which can be costly. You also do not have to worry about grates, which can break and pose tripping hazards themselves, or lead to injury when workers try to lift them up for cleaning.

Being flush with the floor also means that wheels on any carts or rack won't get stuck and tip over, causing products to fall and become damaged. This means you won't have to replace any product because of an accident caused by the drain system.



A shallow trench drain is easier to maintain since it isn't as deep as other systems. Workers will not have to spend as much time scrubbing to ensure all bacteria is removed, and the whole drain is clean and sanitary. With deeper systems, residue can be missed which can lead to bacteria growth and the possibility of contamination.

Slot Drain systems have an added benefit: they do not require a grate covering. Grates are meant to help prevent objects from falling into the drain and people from tripping. However, they tend to be heavy and fragile and break easily, which creates serious safety hazards for workers and equipment, especially if not replaced quickly. Even lifting the grate to clean it can lead to injury, making them (grates) more trouble than they’re worth. A shallow drain system that does not require a grate can help save time, money, and create a much safer work environment.

Slot Drain's 6000 Series Drain System



There are many different shallow trench drain systems on the market, so choosing the right one can be difficult. Slot Drain, specializes in a newer style of linear trench drains that stand out from the rest. They have options for all types of applications, and their 6000 Series system is a great shallow trench drain for food processing and manufacturing facilities.

The system uses food-grade stainless steel that is corrosion and bacteria-resistant, creating a sanitary system. Slot Drain's systems have three types of drain openings, .5", 1", or 1.25", depending on the necessary capacity, and none of the three sizes requires a grate covering. The Slot Drain system can withstand heavy equipment and machinery, with the 6000 Series able to handle Load Class C weight–up to 56,200 pounds per foot.



Other benefits include the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and handle heavy flow rates–with the 1.25" model capable of a flow rate of 27 gallons per minute. It is a system that comes pre-sloped and pre-assembled for easier installation and is very easy to clean and maintain. There is even an option for a Flush Flo system, which is automatic cleaning, which food facilities can find beneficial in terms of both cost and time.

Choose The Right Drain System

It is important to understand the importance of a good drainage system. It is especially important for food facilities, where proper drainage helps maintain safe, sanitary conditions. There are plenty of options, but a shallow trench drain system is the perfect option since it is a safer, cost-effective option that allows for greater design flexibility without sacrificing efficiency or functionality. Slot Drain's 6000 Series stands out as a proven system that works well for shallow drain system applications.

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