6 Shop Floor Drain Ideas to Consider

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Regardless of the industry, a drainage system is a vital piece of any type of construction project. Whether it is a drainage system for a food or beverage industry or a shop floor drain, having something effective in place is essential. It will help manage the flow of surface water, allowing floors to be cleaned of spills easier, and also allow them to dry quicker.

But, shop floor drains is a vague reference that can mean anything. Here are some different shop floor drain ideas you should know about.

Auto Body Shops

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It may sound strange to say that an auto body shop needs a drainage system, but it is just as important there as it would be in any other kind of facility.

The thing with auto body shops is that they deal with cars, which use all types of fluids to help them function: oil, gas,  antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid are all inside a car. When a vehicle is being worked on within the shop, these fluids can leak from the vehicle or spill when being replaced.

Shop floor drains will allow workers to use a hose to rinse away any residue, and allow it to flow away from the surface so the floor can dry quickly and eliminate the chance of slipping or touching potentially harmful chemicals.

Car Washes

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Another place where shop floor drain systems are ideal is, of course, car washes. Car washes are continually using water, soaps, and other cleaning agents to wash vehicles. Without any place to go, this dirty, used water would be left pooling on the ground’s surface. This water can not only create a slick surface for workers to fall on but can also create a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

With a shop floor drain, this water can be removed from the surface easily throughout the day, keeping any issues from arising.

Airplane Hangars

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Airplane hangars are yet another location where shop floor drain issues come into action.

When planes are not in use, they are stored in an airport hangar. This is where all the maintenance takes place, from repairs to cleaning. So, there needs to be a drain system in place to help with the cleanup.

It is also important to note that where airplanes are concerned, different chemicals may be used for its maintenance, and these chemicals may not be safe to allow to sit around in puddles. Having a shop floor drain will enable workers to rinse these chemicals away and clean up quickly and easily, without the worry of anyone being exposed to chemicals or the chemicals eroding the ground.


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A parkade is a multi-level parking garage, like what you see in shopping centers and airports. While these spaces are not entirely closed in, shop floor drains are still vital. During bad weather, cars and trucks can track in rain and snow that would otherwise collect in puddles on the parkade floor. Without sun to help dry the ground, this water may be left sitting for long periods, leading to ground erosion and the growth of mold and other bacteria.


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A regular car garage is another place where shop floor drain systems are vital. Like with auto repair shops, garages deal with a lot of vehicles in various states of disrepair. In some cases, broken or malfunctioning parts can cause the car to leak different fluids.

With a drain system in place, the shop will be able to quickly rinse away any of these things and clean the floors of any caustic chemicals. In addition, if workers need to rinse a car off for any reason, water will have somewhere to flow so that it does not just puddle, creating unsafe zones in the garage.

Collision Repair Center

Shop Floor Drain Ideas 6

Finally, there are also collision repair centers. These centers deal with cars and vehicles that require someone with more certifications to complete the work. Like with auto body shops and garages, anything can leak or spill, so it is vital that workers can clean these messes up easily.

In addition, when they hose the floors down at the end of a workday, they need to be sure that floors are clear of any residue and wastewater, which is where shop floor drain systems come into play.

These are just a few shop floor drain ideas to consider. Drainage systems have countless uses in many types of shops and facilities. It is critical to have them no matter how trivial you may think they are in a given location. This is especially true for shop floor drains, where there is always a chance of chemicals leaking or spilling. Being able to get rid of the chemicals and keep the shop floor clean and dry is vital to the safety of all the workers, which is what makes good shop floor drains so important.

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