Why The Trend - Slot Drain Becoming the Preferred Trench Drain System?

A grated trench drain system is so common in construction that we seldom think about the inconveniences that comes along with them – tripping hazards, maintenance, trapped bacteria, time-consuming to clean, replacement costs. Grated trench drains are expensive to maintain.

Many construction professionals are used to using these systems and don't realize there is a better choice for many applications – a slotted trench drain system. It works for new construction and retrofits.

As a drainage system for both indoor and outdoor use, Slot Drain is a pre-sloped, linear system without any kind of grating. The elimination of grates makes Slot Drain the most cost effective solution to your project. It is sanitary, easy to clean, durable, has excellent load capacity, and is aesthetically appealing as it is skinny and simple.


Slotted Trench Drain System


What is Slot Drain?
Slot Drain is a one-piece, built-in sloped, open floor drain / surface drain system with a linear slot on top. The linear slot eliminates the need for grating, making it the most durable, sanitary and cost effective drainage system available.
It’s applicable wherever floor or ground surfaces are subject to fluids or have frequent cleaning requirements.

Slot Drain Solves Problems 
Slot Drain tackles many of the problems that arise in a trench drain system. It is durable, sanitary, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean with minimum maintenance.

A simple hose down and swipe of an included cleaning paddle is all that is required for cleaning. Also, Slot Drain does not absorb water/contaminants and allows contaminants to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Another major benefit of Slot Drain is that flush valves can be added to the shallow end of the drain and set on timers or flushed manually in order to remove any sediment or contaminants automatically.

Sanitary and Controls Odors

The only parts of the drain exposed are the surface angles, which are made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to scrub down/sanitize. The sloped design eliminates standing water.

Less Expensive

Slot Drain sections arrive fully assembled and ready to install. No grating to screw on, no anchors or drains to weld, simply bolt the drain ends together, then pour your floor. You do not need to think about selecting drain channels, grates and accessories, which have extra cost and extra maintenance.

Minimum Maintenance

A specially designed Cleaning Paddle makes slot drain easy to clean. The paddle is made of stainless steel and it is easy to use. A flush valve can also be added for a self-cleaning solution.


Slot Drain is designed to be durable using stainless steel components and rebar tie-ins for enhanced strength.
It does not deteriorate, break bend or need replacing. This makes it especially suited for everything from light pedestrian traffic to areas with heavy equipment/traffic - airports, parkades, warehouses, truck and rail loading docks.

Corrosion Resistant
Depending on the application, Slot Drain systems can be made in stainless steel or galvanized steel. Each with their own resistance ratings - stainless steel is the highest performer across all drains. We can help you to choose a material that perfectly suits your project.

Easy to Install, Minimizing Labor/Cost
It takes two men approximately 20 to 30 minutes to install one 15-foot section. Forming, framing, welding and edging are all eliminated and screeding is reduced to two slopes instead of four.

Projects Where Slot Drain is Used
Slot Drain can be installed in almost any application that trench drains are typically used. It has been installed successfully in hundreds of car washes, shops, parkades, food processing plants, production facilities and many others:

— Automotive
Due to the intensive traffic and water flow rates in car washes, Slot Drain is perfectly suitable. It can bear beyond Load Class F, where grated drains can break down and need to be replaced or become very expensive. Slot Drain has excellent flow rates - up to 33 GPM. Water is removed quickly and the sloped design means no issues with odorous, standing water or chemicals.

— Food Processing Facilities
In food facilities where cleaning and antibacterial protocols are a big issue, Slot Drain outperforms grated drain systems in several aspects – easy to clean, bacteria-free, eliminates odors, and forklift friendly.

— Animal Facilities
Hog and horse barns are examples where Slot Drain is designed to keep animal facilities clean and safe. The slotted opening maintains a low profile, poses no tripping hazard, and is easy to clean. Slot Drain can be used in animal hospitals and other similar facilities.

— Outdoor Drainage Application
Slot Drain follows ADA Compliance with a 1/2" slot opening. It dramatically reduces the chances of tripping hazards and is used in areas where wheel chairs, bicycles, etc. are a factor. Also, it is aesthetically appealing and fits landscape outdoor use, with a simple, sleek look on the ground surface.

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