Swimming Pool Overflowing?  A Functional & Elegant Drainage Solution

There is no denying the popularity of swimming pools: you either have one in your backyard or take advantage of public and commercial pools. But, there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to swimming pools and proper maintenance. One thing that has the potential to lead to significant issues is swimming pool overflow, which can occur for many reasons.

Fortunately, pool overflow is incredibly easy to prevent–all you need is the right swimming pool overflow drainage system. Here is what you need to know about pool overflows and how the right drainage system can help prevent them.

What Causes Pools to Overflow

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One reason may just be because a pool was initially overfilled by the owner or manager.

Most pools are designed with a designated fill line that pool owners should pay close attention to. These fill lines are meant to tell you the pools water capacity, and they tend to take into account the potential for water displacement. This means that as people get into the pool and cause the water level to rise, the pool will not completely overflow.

Another factor that can cause pools to overflow is heavy rains.  Hurricanes, tropical storms, and continuous rainstorms all create large amounts of rainwater, which can fall into a pool and quickly cause levels to rise, eventually overflowing it and the surrounding area.

Finally, simply not having or having an inefficient overflow management system in place in and around the pool does not help either. By not having an efficient drainage system to help maintain pool water levels, pools may not drain away excess water as quickly as they should. Which could lead to an overflow of water occurring.

The Issue With Pool Overflow

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In some cases, pool overflow is a minor issue, with only a small amount of water coming over the edge of the pool. When this is the case, any water overflow can be absorbed into the ground or evaporate over time. But, in other cases, the overflow can pose a more significant problem. This is especially true when there is no swimming pool overflow drainage system in place.

One major problem with pool water overflow is the water that collects outside of the pool. The greater the overflow of excess water, the harder it will be for the surrounding deck and landscaping to handle it.

As a result, the excess water can begin to pool, which can weaken landscaping, and can also lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and other potentially harmful bacteria. In addition, if water overflow collects onto the decking, it can damage, weaken, and even cause the deck to rot.

An overflowing pool can also cause things like the pool skimmer to not work properly. This means that if the skimmer is covered by too much water, it will not be able to filter out insects and other kinds of debris that can fall into the pool. This leads to a dirty pool which is more prone to bacteria and other harmful factors that make the pool unsafe for use.

Preventing Pool Overflow

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One way to prevent a pool from overflowing is to simply be aware of how much water is going into the pool. By staying aware of the fill line, there is no need to be concerned about water displacement or heavy rains causing the pool to overflow. It will also allow any drains or automatic pool cleaners, like the skimmers, to work correctly.

The best way to prevent pool overflow, however, is to have a swimming pool overflow drainage system in place. Slot Drain Systems offer a pool overflow drainage system that is installed around the rim of the pool. This drainage system helps manage and prevent water overflows in and around pools.

Slot Drain’s system is unique in how it’s designed, because it has a shallow profile that is ADA compliant, making it perfectly level with the surrounding ground. In addition, the use of stainless steel makes it an incredibly durable system that is corrosion and bacteria resistant, making it ideal for the pool setting. Beyond the practicality of this system, Slot Drain does not require any grate covers, creating an aesthetically pleasing system.

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In some cases, swimming pool overflow is impossible to avoid altogether. Heavy rain caused by storms can easily cause a pool to become overfilled and spill onto the ground and surrounding landscaping. However, if you have a swimming pool overflow drainage system inlace around the lip of the pool, any potential overflow can quickly be taken care of and removed before any severe damage to the pool or surrounding area can occur.

When it comes to choosing a pool overflow drainage system, consider Slot Drain, an aesthetically pleasing, highly durable option that will easily handle any amount of pool overflow without any issue.

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