3 Types of Pool Deck Drains to Make Your Backyard Better

Pools are a popular backyard feature. Many homebuyers with families look for homes with pools, and if they can't find a home they like with a pool, they install their own. It is something the whole family can enjoy and adds value to a home––but it requires proper planning, and not just in terms of looks. 

Whether you use chlorinated water or salt water, pool water can damage your patio and decking, just as rainwater and snow can harm your pool. It is essential to install a pool deck drain to protect the pool and the surrounding area from potential damage.

Let’s take a look at what pool deck drains are and the different types of pool deck drains you can install.

What is a Pool Deck Drain?


As the name implies, a pool deck drain is installed on the pool deck. The purpose of the drain is to protect the deck and surrounding area, including your yard, landscaping, and patio, from water damage and debris. 

How Do Pool Deck Drains Work?

Most pool deck drains—in fact, all types of pool deck drains—work the same; they collect water runoff from the pool, rain, melting snow, or another source of water and divert it to a designated location. 

Water runoff makes it to the drain because the pool deck has a slight slope that allows the water to run into the drain to be diverted. 

Benefits of Pool Deck Drains

There are many benefits to installing a pool deck drain. Four of the top reasons include:

1. Prevents Contamination of Pool Water


Most pools are chlorinated because the chlorine helps to kill germs and prevent algae and microbial buildup. These chemicals require careful maintenance; "foreign" water like snowmelt, rainwater runoff, and other runoff sources can contain debris, bacteria, and other contaminants that can disrupt the balance of the chemicals. If not corrected quickly, it can leave the pool vulnerable to algae growth, bacteria buildup, and other issues. 

A pool deck drain can help minimize the risk of water runoff disrupting the pool's chemical balance. It will catch a majority of the runoff and divert it to a designated outlet before it can get near the pool.

2. Prevent Patio and Deck Damage

Water, especially chlorinated water, can damage surfaces when left sitting too long. Over time, it will eat away at materials by eroding them or causing mold and rot, which can cause costly damage. A pool deck drain will prevent this type of damage by moving any water on the pool deck surface.

3. Eliminate Slipping Hazards

Water isn't only damaging to your pool deck; it can be dangerous if left sitting on the surface. It leaves surfaces slick, which creates a dangerous slipping hazard that can result in serious injuries. Pool drains remove the water to allow the surface to dry, which minimizes this risk.

4. Protect Your Landscaping

Splashing from the pool can also send water onto your landscaping. Without a drainage system, the water will pool, kill the grass, erode the ground, and cause plants to rot. The drainage system will prevent pooling to keep the landscaping safe.

5. Enhances Aesthetics 


Inadequate drainage makes the area around the pool susceptible to things like algae, mold, and mildew growth on the pool deck. It can also lead to staining or more serious issues like erosion, rot, and decay. In the yard, as mentioned before, it can harm the landscaping by killing the grass and plants and eroding the soil.

The Types of Pool Deck Drains From Slot Drains

There are many types of pool deck drains available on the market. For a sleek, modern solution, consider a Slot Drain. Slot drains are unique because they come pre-assembled and sloped, with a linear design and slim channel that eliminates any need for a drain cover. 

Here are three types of pool deck drains from Slot Drain:

4000 Series Slot Drain


The 4000 Series Slot Drain also has a stainless steel construction that utilizes T304 or T316 stainless steel. This model has one flat side that allows it to be installed against walls which makes it possible to put against the edge of a pool. Drains has a discreet design that makes it virtually invisible once installed. It is available in two widths: 1/2", which offers flow rates of 11 GPM, and 1", which offers flow rates of 18 GPM. The 4000 Series also has a Load Class C. 

6000 Series Slot Drain

6000 PLUS Series Slot Drain-1

The 6000 Series Slot Drain is a one-piece, built-in, sloped, open floor/surface drain system and suitable for small fluid requirements. The linear design eliminates grates that can be weak, trap bacteria and are difficult to clean. The 6000 Series Slot Drain® is available in stainless steel. Drain channels are built with a 0.5% slope. Inverts start at 2 3/4”. Slot Drain is available to be shipped worldwide and arrives fully assembled, ready to be installed.

7000 Series Slot Drain

Another of Slot Drain's options is the 7000 Series Slot Drain. This model is available in T304 and T31 stainless steel and offers the same discreet design. It also has a Load Class C rating and comes in the same widths and flow rates as the 4000 Series, with an additional option of a 1.25" width that offers flow rates of 27 GPM. 

Protect Your Pool Deck with Slot Drain

Pools are a great investment. They are something your family and friends can enjoy, and they create a focal point in your backyard, and can boost your home value. 

However, having a pool is a commitment, and you must be willing to take care of it. Fortunately, using one of the different types of pool deck drains can make taking care of your pool and yard easier than before.

Slot Drain offers three types of pool drains, each with a sleek design and efficient drainage to keep your pool and yard safe and beautiful, so there’s always an option to make your backyard better.

Contact Slot Drain today to learn more about the 4000, 6000 and 7,000 Series systems!