7 Benefits of Slot Drain As A Warehouse Drainage System


Warehouses are used for a wide range of purposes, but one of the primary purposes is the storage of various goods. While warehouses may not seem like they need much design consideration, that’s often not the case. Design consideration doesn't mean painting the walls and making the warehouse picture-perfect. What it really means is designing it to be a space that is practical and functional.

One design feature critical to every warehouse is the right warehouse drainage system. Slot Drain can meet those needs.

Why Warehouses Need Drainage


A warehouse is, in essence, an ample, industrial storage space. It can house anything from food-related products to cars and other types of machinery. No matter what they are used for, a warehouse drainage system is essential for maintaining a clean and sanitary warehouse, especially if it is used for food, beverage, and/or chemical storage.

The right drainage system will make cleaning the warehouse facility much easier, which will significantly minimize the chance of bacteria from growing and becoming a contamination risk. With an efficient drainage system inside the facility, the warehouse will also be much safer for workers as they move about doing their work.

Furthermore, having drainage around the outside of the warehouse will help keep the ground dry from spills and rainfall, so there are no slipping hazards for workers as they load and unload products from the warehouse.

Benefits of Using Slot Drain for Your Warehouse Drainage System

While there are many drainage systems on the market, one of the best is Slot Drain, a pre-sloped, pre-assembled system that offers an easy installation. There are many other benefits to choosing Slot Drain as a warehouse drainage system:

1. Heavy Load Class


An important feature about Slot Drain to note is the load class. Although this is a slim system, 9000 and 10,000 Series systems are incredibly strong. These two systems are so strong that they feature a Load Class F capability. Load Class F capability means that these systems can handle up to 10,000 pounds of weight placed on top of them, without breaking or bowing.

2. Corrosion-Resistant

While being strong enough to handle the weight of the various machines and equipment within the warehouse, that is not the only concern. It is possibly even more critical that a drainage system is corrosion-resistant.

Slot Drain offers a stainless steel drain construction, which makes it a corrosion-resistant system. As a result, it can withstand exposure to strong, corrosive cleaning agents and other chemicals without becoming damaged or eroded. That being said, the Slot Drain needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid any chemical buildup.

3. Can Handle Extreme Temperatures

Different types of warehouses require different temperatures. In some cases, things are kept at moderate or room-temperature levels. However, in other cases, things need to be kept extremely cold. Any drainage system within the warehouse has to be able to withstand those extreme temperatures without breaking or suffering any damage.

4. Bacteria-Resistant

One of the most critical things for food and beverage warehouses is maintaining a clean and sanitary facility. Since these warehouses deal with consumable products, being able to easily and effectively clean waste is essential. Beyond that, the drainage system also has to trap that bacteria so there is no chance of it floating around, growing, or causing any potential contamination outbreak.

Slot Drain offers food-grade stainless steel that is nonporous, which means bacteria will not cling to the walls. Furthermore, Slot Drain's unique design will trap any bacteria and prevent it from becoming airborne.

5. No More Grate Covers


By far, what makes Slot Drain such a unique system is that it does not require any grates. With other systems, there is a heavy grate that can trap bacteria, erode from chemical exposure, and break under heavy loads. As a result, a broken grate can create an incredibly unsafe work environment that can lead to worker injury. Warehouse managers will end up spending more to replace the broken grates just to prevent any possible accidents. Grates are also difficult to clean, which also means workers will spend more time trying to keep the system clean and disinfected than managing the warehouse.

6. Easy to Maintain

One thing that every warehouse manager wants when it comes to the warehouse drainage system they choose is something that is easy to maintain. Grate coverings can make caring for traditional trench drains difficult. The grate cover has to come off, be scrubbed and sanitized separately, and then the same process needs to be done to the actual drain channel. With Slot Drain, however, you get a fairly low-maintenance system.

One available option is to clean Slot Drain easily with just a paddle and brush through the channel. For more efficient cleaning, Slot Drain offers a self-flushing, Clean-In-Place system that makes the cleaning and sanitizing process virtually automatic.

7. No Risk of Foreign Objects Falling In


Another common issue you tend to find with traditional drainage systems is that, even with grates, things seem to fall through the opening. However, Slot Drain does not have that issue. Instead, their openings are so slim, there is no risk of foreign objects falling into the channel and causing clogs. With this system, it is possible to choose from a .5-inch, 1-inch, and 1.25-inch opening–big enough for a steady flow rate, but not big enough to get clogged.

Choosing Slot Drain for Warehouses

A warehouse drainage system is just as critical as the drainage system anywhere else. You want to choose a strong, reliable system that will help to maintain a clean and sanitary warehouse, regardless of the products being stored inside. Slot Drain offers some of the most dependable systems on the market, and they have become increasingly commonplace in warehouses of all types. Their heavy-duty systems are able to efficiently handle any work environment with ease.

When it comes to finding the perfect warehouse drainage system, you should look no further than the 9000 and 10,000 Series Systems from Slot Drain.

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